Welcome to my new home!   4 comments

Hi all. From now on, this will be my place. I’ve started over and now it’s a clean new beginning. Though this website will contain my ‘own’ thoughts and opinions, I guess there would be some things to share and discuss. Stay tuned.


Posted January 27, 2006 by H. H. in My Life

4 responses to “Welcome to my new home!

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  1. Wikipedia is the key to most success online, when it comes to collabritive content adding. I have spent many hours writing articles for Jimmy Wales and am very happy with this project. I am based in Seminole FL close to the wikipedia offices in St Petersburg. I love contributing!

    Happy New Year Bloggers!

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Hello my friend,, it seems you are happy with the T5 & I’m happy for that too..i believe that you have a good experience with palm os, it’s showing from your website..
    I took a break from Palm os & already bought a windows os Asus P525 to try some different & extra features,,ok it’s amazing with 2.0 camera with Wi-Fi etc & from all Windows mobile devices(i-mate, HP, HTC,…) Asus is the best asper all reviews… but as I’m palm Os x-user i can say that Palm still smarter & faster but with lack of some important features (good camera+Wi-Fi..). so i’ll be waiting for a new release of Palm Mobile to get back to palm world.

  4. Hi Mr Najib..!,
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Yes, I’m happy with the T5. It was a good deal too.

    I agree with you that Palm OS lacks a few important things, not necessarily WiFi (Palm TX has WiFi) and Camera, but other abilities like Multitasking and more power overall. Palm devices were actually made for PIM fuctions as note-taking, tasks, and memos,…etc — They have developed only recently into multimedia devices.

    Windows-powered PDAs bears more features and more power, though as a result, they are slower, and pretty complicated. But of course, multimedia-wise, they are more capable and able-bodied.

    Have you checked the Palm TX and Palm LifeDrive?
    Also, have you heard of the very new Palm Treo 680 Smartphone? it has a good camera, and probably WiFi too.

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