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So I've finally watched the movie. The movie could be credited as a visual masterpiece, while its storyline might have reached the power of a genuine fairy tale. This mini-review may contain spoilers so you'd better keep out if you don't want to know details at present.

The movie tells the story of Victor, a shy guy, who were to marry a girl named Victoria according to "PLAN" as the parents of both used to say. It happened that the marriage didn't happen for some reason, and Victor walked wondering alone in the woods. There, somehow, he met a bride, but she wasn't a normal bride. She was dead; she was a Corpse Bride. At that point the real story began. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Victor was saying aloud the marriage words and he even – by mistake – put the marriage ring on the dead bride's finger, leading to an unexpected, unwanted marriage.

The visuals are gothic and dark. I've recently read that the animations were of real puppets, not CGI as I thought before. One important note is that Tim Burton the director visualized the land of the Dead to be more colorful and brighter than the land of the Living. This intention was totally obvious. Whether it was a symbolism of how sad and ill-tempered the living world with comparison to the land of Dead where peace is evident or otherwise I'm not sure.

The music is just wonderful, with a lot of piano scores. The direction is great and mysterious. One of the scenes I've liked most (it's one of my favs now) is when Victor meets Emily the Corpse Bride in the woods, and how he runs and she catches up. It sends a shiver down my back everytime I watch it.

Overall, this is a movie that you MUST see.

Read more about 'Corpse Bride' in Wikipedia, here


Posted January 28, 2006 by H. H. in Movies

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