Stuck at Palm logo, with a blinking line :s   6 comments

This sounds like a familiar problem in Palm handhelds, together with the infamous Screen Whine. I’ve started that topic in Brighthand forums like a month ago, and it was very popular indeed,.. making me wonder why all such cases occur. A lot of users have had the same issue and had their units replaced. I was told by the official Palm Support that crashing during a hotsync leads to this:

Getting Stuck at Palm logo

While this case is risky, having it with a blinking line at the very top of the screen is darn riskier, for this means there is no hope for repair. I’ve encountered that incident and I’m still not able to send it in for repair for shipping reasons.

So what’s the cause? They say the cause is the type of memory embedded in the newer generations of Palm handheld. It’s called NVFS. This type of memory prevents loss of data on drainage of the battery, thus your info is kept safe. However, the bad side is it traps the corrupt info that sometimes you wanna get rid of to format your unit.

Track that discussion in Brighthand forums, here


Posted January 28, 2006 by H. H. in Palm

6 responses to “Stuck at Palm logo, with a blinking line :s

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  1. I have a Zire 21, and even though I don’t use it much it does glitch.

  2. When I get a replacement to my Tungsten E2, I’ll think twice before buying another Palm.

    I admit that the operating system is very versatile and fast, but the screen whine and the numerous crashes have turned me off, a bit.

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  5. This happened to me, and I just had to zero-out reset my T5.

  6. Good for you…
    Whatever reset I tried never worked on my blinking E2.

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