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Chuzzle is one sort of a game that can be addicting at times, and totally awful at other times. It depends on your mood. All you do is move a row either to the left-right, or upwards-downwards until 3 or more chuzzles of the same color meet, then the explosion happens and you get scores. From time to time, and as you get further in the levels, obstacles appears as 'locks' that lock certain rows. There are special types of chuzzles, like the huge chuzzle which fills up 2 rows, the dizzy chuzzle which explodes more violently, and the rainbow chuzzle which gives you enormous score if you pack up 3 or more of it together. You can download the trial or play it online.

Generally speaking, I find all PopCap games (maker/publisher of Chuzzle) to be interesting. The all-popular Bejeweled! is one of them. However, Chuzzle has a fast pace.


Posted February 1, 2006 by H. H. in Video Games

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