My Palm T|E2 crossing the Mediterranean   2 comments

I’ve just come back from the post office. My dear Palm Tungsten|E2 has been stuck at the intro (palm) logo, with a blinking line for more than a month [know details here], so I had to send it in for repair or replacement. It’s to be sent from Egypt (Africa) to Czech Republic (Europe). It will take 3 to 4 days.

It’s a bit ironic that my electronic device is gonna cross the Mediterranean which I never did! 🙂

Palm enables you to track your repair process very easily off their website. It’s convenient I guess though I haven’t tried it yet, since my E2 haven’t arrived there.

Track your repair at Palm Europe website…


Posted February 7, 2006 by H. H. in Palm

2 responses to “My Palm T|E2 crossing the Mediterranean

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  1. Ha! “my” E2 is already doing this travel a second time 🙂
    [Well, basically, My original one made it 3 weeks and died in Sept 2005,
    the replacement E2 almost made it about 4 month… Lets see how much more travelling will take place during warranty. Besides this, the E2 is a nice
    device, except its not reliable.
    PS: Didn’t know about the tracking on palms site.

  2. Have you had the applications named (Warpspeed) or (MultiUserHack) installed when such crashes occured? It’s been stated that 90% of those crashes (including mine) were caused by Warpspeed.

    So it’s a good chance for me to advise all of you Palm owners to NOT buy any software from, owned by Dmitry Grinberg; a 17-year-old kid who is not that masterful at creating software.

    Especially, stay away from Warpspeed. Google it if you wanna know more about it.

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