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Egyptian Fans

This year it’s in Egypt. African Nations Soccer Cup hasn’t always been so popular in continents other than Africa. However, after a lot of African teams have reached World Cup and showed great talents, Africa’s soccer teams are now more known than before. Though Egypt hasn’t qualified to World Cup since 1990 in Italy, a lot of predictions point out that Egypt has become stronger this year, esp. after couch Shehata took over training of the team, giving many hopes of qualifiying to the next World Cup in 2006, Germany.

Egypt defeated Senegal yesterday 2-1 and qualified to the final round. It will play against Côte d’Ivoire in Feb 10, 2006. Who wins in that match gets the cup.

Update : Egypt won — Congrats!

One of the most famous Egyptian soccer player is Ahmed Mido Hossam, who plays in Tottenham Hotspur. He’s been world-famous since he started playing alongside Ajax Amsterdam.

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