Urban Murdering Madmen Legends   2 comments

Posted March 24, 2006 by H. H. in Fun, Knowledge, Personal Likes

2 responses to “Urban Murdering Madmen Legends

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  1. i love the scream trilogy!

    i love every horror movie!!!!!!

  2. here is a story: in an old town lived a young girl
    she had blonde hair and was a cheerleader she was popular and beautiful.
    one day, after cheerleading practice, she had left her bag in the changing room.now, on the way there she heard this groaning noise from the janitors clauset,she opened it and someone had plunged a knife in her chest, killing her. that same day, her best mate went looking for her and she also got killed by lookin in the clauset. wen school finished, the pricepal went looking for the 2 cheerleaders, they were missing, wen he called the police they found there bodies, half eaten, and in a clauset.

    the janitor was a canibal!!!!

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