Nokia 9300 First Impressions   Leave a comment

I received my Nokia 9300 in the morning and I've been playing with it since. So here are my first impressions:

The phone is really small and compact! I expected a much more cumbersome phone than this. It really fits well in your hand (I even have small ones). To make it simpler to your mind, the phone has the same dimensions of the very popular Nokia 3310 but only 2 cm longer.

The inner 65K display is gorgeous but the only gripe – I think – is that the contrast is very sensitive on tilting the display. At one angle it's perfect, but when tilting it 2 more degrees wider, it fades out. Not a big deal, though.

The system speed is very acceptable. Not lightning fast, but also not that sluggish. The only slow-downs I got were when opening the Control Panel (it has a lot of stuff), opening an SMS, and opening the Web browser. Then again I repeat it's still very reasonable. I'm really surprised as to why many guys online say it's annoyingly slow.

All the applications work very well (though I didn't go deep in Media apps for I use my palmOne TE2 for these stuff). The Documents app is very fast and versatile as are the messaging applications. Mutli-tasking works like a charm too.

Reception is very good, and sound and call quality (in speakerphone and loud speaker) is perfect.

The QWERTY keypad and the joystick though being criticised a lot in various websites were almost perfect to me. The tactile feedback of the buttons is more than enough, and the joystick (though I admit it's a bit sensitive) does its job efficiently. So I guess it's a matter of personal taste.

I haven't tried browsing the internet yet (for I'll get the GPRS account started tomorrow), so I'll be posting more about it very soon. I'll even try to post wirelessly to this blog!


Posted March 25, 2006 by H. H. in Nokia, Technology

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