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Egypt's leading mobile services provider MobiNiL introduced GPRS service (termed MobiNiL Life) a couple of years back. I've recently had the chance to subscribe to the service and use it on my Nokia 9300. In this article, I'll tell my experience with subscribing to the service.

There are 2 plans:
Default plan : no monthly fees. LE 15 ($2.6) per 1 MB.
Saving plan : LE 25 ($4.3) per month. LE 10 ($1.7) per 1 MB. It's obvious you won't be saving here unless you utilize more than 5 MB a month.

Pretty expensive if you ask me.

Anyway, first off, I had to call 442 to subscribe (free) as the website instructed. I did, and I received an SMS informing me that the service would be activated within 24 hours. Guess what? after the mentioned 24 hrs, I still couldn't connect. I re-called 442, and they sent me again an SMS, but that time, telling me the service is already activated!

I send them an email explaining this misunderstanding or whatever to them. I received no reply in 24 hours. So, the day after, I went to MobiNiL customer service center to talk to any guy there. I talked with a guy who told me he can't manually activate the service for me, and that I needed to wait.

As I was going home I received a call which had no number, but instead 'Private Number' was shown. I replied and it was MobiNiL. The guy was very helpful and kind unlike the other one. He activated the service during the call, and told me the other guy was incorrect as to what he said, and that he could activate the service manually on the PC. He asked me if I knew his name, but of course I had not at all.

So all in all, subscribing was not like I had imagined in my mind. I had looked forward to getting a more flexible experience from MobiNiL.


Posted March 29, 2006 by H. H. in Technology

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