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“This article needs to be cleaned up and modified to go along with my desired educational targets.”– Dr Haisook

I’ve been thinking recently of Nature, of how it is so powerful. Sometimes I do believe Nature is more than just what we think it is, or what it looks like to us. It’s not just a sky, and an earth. It’s not just some seas with fish, lands with animals, and soil with micro-organisms. It’s not just physics and chemistry. It’s not just an evolutionary ladder where the strong survives while the weak collapses. It’s much more.

To me, Nature is God. While I do ‘believe’ in God as One and Only, I still think nature as a whole is God himself. Since I – nor others – could scientifically prove or deny the existence of God, what’s left for us is only mere belief. Though I don’t even recognize myself as religious or devout, I get tremendously astonished when I study, for instance, the anatomy of the Human body, not to mention that of just an eye. I find myself whispering words of gratitude to Whom have created such unbelieveably detailed and organized structures.

Now if you think about it in a scientific and logical way, Nature has made all the things it has or had in it. For instance, let’s talk about Evolution. This everlasting phenomenon is the tool by which all organisms, including us Humans, have emerged to what they are/were. The first form of life is Amoeba, which is a unicellular organism, have passed through thousands processes of natural selection till it reached the shape of Human. Evolution choose what’s suitable for the organism in its environment and augments this property, while what’s unsuitable or unneeded is eliminated. It’s as simple as that. In the past, for example, humans had moving ears. They could easily move it as a mammal does. That was because they dwelt in wild areas where danger is present, so they had to move their ears to the direction of sound to hear it better. Now being more civilized, humans do not need this property, so evolution eliminated it.

In the future, the human being is predicted to have a much smaller body, and a bigger brain, for the need of muscular power is getting less everyday, because mostly everything in our life today is automated. Humans as well are going to be even more civilized, and more rational, leading to increase of the size of the brain. These sorts of processes occur spontaneously, and this is how evolution works.

So I think that Nature is the real controller of our life. Somehow, and as days pass, I’ve been getting more and more sure that Nature is God. What we read in religious books of how God is a single figure, is – in my opinion – a way God is symbolized for the human mind to accept and believe in. In fact, God is an infinite entity. He was always there, and is still here, because simply, He’s more of a psychological power than a physical existence, and any powerful psychological ability shows up on other things, which are Nature and what it contains in this case.


Posted March 30, 2006 by H. H. in Articles, Favorite Posts, Philosophy, Thoughts

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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    My view is that yours is the most plausable track to understanding the source and purpose of our existence, and if there is a Supreme Being, (It’s) nature and purposes. I am writing a work that essentially attempts to learn and understand more about this subject.
    One of my thoughts is that prayer is totally ineffectual, and that instead, we can only use the laws of the universe to achieve what we want.
    Carl Bourhenne
    (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  2. Thanks Carl.
    But please, no direct telephone numbers are to be mentioned here.
    I’ve got them censored.

  3. Hey “Dr Haisook”,

    I’m not sure whether that’s an ascribed or attained status, but what I am sure of is that your idea of God needs to be bigger. Much bigger.

    Nature definitely does have its redeeming, and mystical, qualities to it, but isn’t the be-all-end-all to the creation of a complete and thorough moral imperative. In fact, it lends itself to mysticism as well.

    Americans have become enamored with the mysticism of the east in part because 1) they don’t understand it and 2) haven’t experienced the results of it.

    I don’t think I should be surprised that the end result of your “moral imperative” subscribes itself to that of Josef Mengela’s.

  4. Hi albert,

    I think there’s a bit of misunderstanding here. The title of this article reads ‘Nature is God’, not ‘God is Nature’ ! — I mean that, to me, Nature has qualified to be a God. That’s all what I meant. The last paragraph is a bit off topic.

  5. Hello,

    I agree with you. I grew up living a lonely and sometimes traumatic childhood not feeling a real sense of purpose. I have always maintained a good heart, even through my temporary bouts of questionable sanity, trying to locate an identity. I was raised in a Chrisian community but was not made to attend church. But I did believe in Jesus because I was told it was the truth. As I became an adult I was faced with a number of issues. Independence was a big one. I didnt get a job and move out until I was 23 because I got married. I had nightmares about the coming job interview. I had fear issues and I was just too darn sheltered as a kid.

    I always had an artist’s perspective of things which explains my many talents. Having abilities raise alot of questions but not many answers. I needed a purpose. I tried for years to “give in” to Jesus and attend church. I became obsessed with knowing the truth about myself which led to needing to know the truth about the world. The Bible did not convince me. Church was a conflict. It went against my heart and the truth. For a person to force themselves to believe something based on pure faith is the definition of delusion. This is not the truth and certainly will not help you find yourself. If anything it makes a person “create” their own identity instead of embracing what’s already there, thanks to nature.

    To make things shorter, I spent years reading, talking to doctors, trying medications, studying Christianity and other religions and none of them felt like the truth to me. Why? I now believe it’s because they all go against nature. I have always respected nature. The answers of so many things are all around us if we learn to notice. So many political issues can be solved just by nature. Like homosexuality. When you see animals procreating, do you see 2 males getting it on? NEVER. Everything is + and -. All answers lie here with us and religion only attracts OR repels…not both. Dont get me wrong. I didnt want to cast out Jesus so quickly so through my years of studies I have learned that the Bible is a great read. It teaches ALOT. But much of the stories about Jesus aren’t reality. But that’s irrelevant because why would you need to go through life knowing whether or not Jesus walked on water? I think before the lonely indians and their land(America) were trespassed many years ago, they didn’t have a bible but very much respected the land and it’s spirit. The land was bigger than them and they kept it that way. The domesticated came along and tortured the land for personal gain. And then in order to get the settlers to comply, the abusers used stories and propaganda. The same applies to today in the form of tv media and politics. Religion is at the forefront of this war. Nature is the only thing that still stands much higher than we ever could.

  6. Hi Joe M,

    I almost agree completely with you. There’s no need for a religion for one to be good. I’ve met people who believed in nothing yet they were great in every sense of the word. I mean they were honest, kind, and helpful. On the other hand, I meet many Muslims in my country all day long who are just rubbish in every sense of the word; greedy, unjust, impolite, dirty, and unfaithful. The same applies to many people of other religions that are based on the mere faith of facts that have been memorized by people through hundreds of year, without thinking, and only because they were told it was true, like Christianity and Judaism. I don’t mean it was untrue; I just mean this is not a way of creating good persons.

    A person becomes good when he/she manipulates things in his mind. Think what’s right and what’s wrong, on his own, without being told that. And he/she does good things not because she’s waiting for applause, but because this is the sort of thing that has to be done, for no certain prize, if you know what I mean i.e. Doing the good for the good.

    A few religions like Buddhism are based on this, and I believe its followers are great persons, because they’ve learned to look at Nature, and extract what’s good from it, and leave behind what’s not.

  7. “Dr Haisook”,

    I didn’t quite catch your last comment after mine, I apologize.

    It is evident that we differ on what “God” means, then. I was referring to the Judeo-Christian definition, which is in part an absolute objectivity.

    Moreover, referencing your comment about “good”, I am in complete disagreement. Being “good” has subjective meaning in the context in which you use it; the Bible subscribes to an objective definition (very important) – that which is the very character of God. We don’t know entirely what that is quite yet, but it is most certainly not the generic “WWJD” criteria of consumer America.

    Like any other religion, Buddhism is not free from its supposed followers committing evil. Look up Japanese Zen Buddhism in WWII if you need a reference.

    I can agree, certain instances of people being good do exist in the non-Christian realm. But that alone doesn’t presuppose they were merely driven by their own impulses of altruism. Remember, Judaism came only second to the Vedic texts in the 2nd millenium BC; Jesus asserted that his morality was derived from those texts.

    Lastly, being “good” without any absolute standard by which to adhere to is meaningless. “Good” for goodness’ sake does not contribute to you filling up a leger with black ink for you to reincarnate into wealth and power (karma); we are allowed entry into heaven by Jesus alone.

  8. Sorry to break up the positive party, but somebody has to.

    One, when did humans have moving ears? Have you met one, have you talked to one of them, and how is modern man any different than a man from the past, other than that we have learned how better to hide our evil motives, and it is an illusion that we are in less danger, any day any time, your life could end, thats dangerous if you ask me.

    I do not think humans would have lost a positive ability anyways, natural selection has way to many holes it in, sorry to tell you.
    If natural selection were true, than why are humans the only beings that are consouis (sp),why did nature not give me fur to keep me warm, now I do believe in adaptation to ones enviromnent. If you look at moths you can see adaptation at work, or chameleons.
    I also do beleive that all things “evolve” just not physically, and if they do show me some proof.
    I think being able to interpret ones environment in a metaphysical way is quite a thing for nature to give us, though science attempts to explain this away with evolution the fact is that it was not evolution and though religion will try to explain it away is God, it is also off, maybe the truth lies somewhere inbetween science (logic) and faith (emotion) everything, in the end it just reminds us how small we are and how big the world is and never forget,

    The Sun Does Not Go Down It Is An Illusion Of The World Spinning Round-Wayne Co.

  9. Hi RealityCheckDude,

    Well, does a painter ever draw a portrait without ending up with flaws in it? That’s impossible. Evolution gave you a better visual capability, a wiser reasoning, and a meaningful highly articulate language. It’s just forgotten to give you fur (which was present in the early man) although I think fur would be lethal in cases of pyretic diseases as Typhoid (where fever may reach up to 40 degree c.), so I guess that was a right evolutionary step with parallel rise in microorganisms causing pyretic diseases.

    You seem to be skeptic of human’s adaptive ability in his environment. Well, it might be shocking to say it, but human beings are the most adaptive creatures ever existed on Earth. Human beings possess a higher system in the brain known as the Limbic system. It enables them to adapt psychologically to whatever environment they’re in. If you brought a lion – the mighty creature – to a different environment than the one it belongs to, say a dry desert or the south pole, it will die very soon, not of the extremes of temperature, but of psychological distress. Human beings have been known to live in any habitat.

    Psychological adaptation aside, human beings are also excellent physical adapters. Sweat secretion and superficial dilatation of vessels help regulate the body temperature. Highly advanced immune systems exist in the body to eliminate foreign bodies. Positional reflexes responding to an incredibly sophisticated system of position and vibration sensation helps the human being be aware of his position even when eyes are closed and bring the body to equilibrium in case of disequilibrium.

    Science admits that human beings are the most advanced creatures ever walked the earth, and also admits evolution – only evolution – did all the work.

  10. ^^Most advanced meaning what, though? There’s thousands of animal species with more “advanced” solutions for specific niches. Advanced is just too vague a word to have much scientific value. We’re definitely the most “polymorpous” — we can evolve to fit a new niche without having to speciate. Our time-binding culture gives us a big advantage in adaptability.

  11. If ‘advanced’ is vague, then ‘polymorphous’ is even vaguer to apply on humans. In fact, we’re not polymorphous at all. Look at chameleons or aquatic frogs. Look at how they camouflage. But we’re definitely advanced in that we have numerous combined features that have never been seen in other creatures. And by advanced I mean those precise technical abilities like high visual acuity, sensations, advanced language, mental abilities,…etc. Yes, American eagles have a better visual acuity, but we combine this with more higher abilities. Therefore, according to science, we’re the most advanced creatures to ever walk the Earth.

  12. But why are you citing Science like it’s a Bible? Science is a method, not an orthodoxy.

  13. I don’t want to go into the never-ending “Science vs Religion” debate. All I know is that science has more proofs than any other source. As much as I believe in evolution from a scientific perspective, I also do believe in God from a perspective of faith, but as you see in my short article, I explained ‘my’ belief of what He is and of His role in life in a way that complies with science. I do not mean I just made it up to look this way, but it is what I really think is right. That does not necessarily mean this theory is right, though. It’s my own hypothesis, the one nearest to my heart.

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