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If you – like me – think about getting a PSP (PlayStation Portable) this summer, I believe you should know exactly what the PSP has, what it doesn’t, and what it shouldn’t have.

Sony has cut the price of the minimal pack down to $199, which I think is a great price for such toy. But you don’t get the headphones, the pouch and wrist strap, the cleaning cloth, and a 32MB memory card. You get no games either.

Here I’m gonna talk about the PSP as a gaming system, not as a multimedia one, though it has a lot of multimedia features.

LCD Screen
The LCD screen which is capable of showing 16 million colors in a 10 cm diagonal width is definitely awesome. Dead pixels are common in the PSP LCD, and you may find 2-3 on the average. I assure you that they will go unnoticed after a couple of weeks.

Control Keys
They’re typical to a normal PS joystick. The same arrangment, and the same usage. There extra keys though for audio and multimedia control. Many PSP units were shipped with defective square buttons. You can definitely ask for a replacement in such case.

Now let’s go straight to games; there are plenty of games available for the PSP now. They are available only in the Sony proprietry UMD format.

Well, ok…. but why are they so expensive? The average-priced game costs around $40-45, and up to $50. Being direct rip-offs of PS2 games, and even having less features, it’s irrational for the games to be that expensive. They are almost as expensive as PS2 and PC games. So if you’re gonna start with 2 games, that’s $80-100… almost half the price of the PSP itself.

Another thing,… why can’t people buy empty UMDs and fill them with whatever they want, then plug it in back to their PSP? Sony does not sell empty UMDs, and there is no way for copying/editing ones, so you have to buy theirs. Each UMD has a whopping 1.8 GB of space. Imagine what you could do with it if you had the chance to own empty ones.

All in all?
So how many games will you need per month? Do you get bored easily from games? Are you a hardcore or a take-away gamer? All these questions will lead you to the right choice. If you can afford $90-100 per month, which is 2 games (I think that’s the least you would need), and you’re really a hardcore gamer (who dreams of games, can’t wait to go home to play games, wait for game releases like insane,..etc), then go for it.

If not, then, simply, just wait for a cheaper and a more versatile console. The second choice is mine too, by the way.


Posted April 18, 2006 by H. H. in PSP, Technology, Video Games

3 responses to “The PSP.. the Gaming Console

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  1. I vote DS.

  2. The DS is good, but I think it’s in a very different league than that of the PSP.

    Btw, PSP vs DS

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