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The Bear's Adventures

Aliasworlds, apparently a Russian game company, has created an adorable character which has taken the main roles in a series of cute games. It's Snowy the Bear. If you wanna take a rest from complex games, read on.

I've first come across the Snowy series in ReflexiveArcade, a game publisher website. The game I downloaded was Snowy: the Bear's Adventure. Though the graphics were very neat, and the sound was good, I felt the gameplay was a bit targetted towards kids.

Then I got Snowy: Space Trip, which I think was great. I haven't finished it till now, though. In it, you have to guide small green aliens to their spaceship in order to finish a level. Very interesting and even addictive.

There's also the Treasure Hunter I, and II, which actually I didn't very much like. The graphics and sound are good and all, but I didn't adore the gameplay. It's like Roadrunner of the good old Atari.

Snowy: Fish Frenzy is ideal to kids, with its cartoonish graphics and straight-out gameplay.

I've recently downloaded Puzzle Islands, and Lunch Rush. The first – as its name says it all – is a puzzle game, but in a 2.5D frame, while the second is a casual action game where you serve food to customers in the fastest rate possible. Very much has the same idea of Dinner Dash, but the graphics are much better.

Snowy's games are shareware, but they are really worth it. Give it a try!


Posted April 19, 2006 by H. H. in Fun, Video Games

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