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No More Sleeping!

No need to sleep! We’re in 2006, and we still get weak at night and sleep? That’s ridiculous. First we need to know why we sleep. We sleep because we get exhausted during the day, and there becomes no energy left in our bodies to think, talk, and move. So, in sleeping we recover this missing energy, and get up the next day full of energy.

Now why can’t they make a drug, or invent an apparatus that helps us redeem our lost energy without sleeping? Since we know the mechanism of sleep, and what happens in it, we should be able to come up with a similar mechanism in a faster solution.

Imagine what you can do if you do not sleep. You’d study for your morning exam, play video games, bounce all around all night, and still get up very refreshened in the early morning. This would boost our productive hours by at least 6-8 hrs.

Powerful Memory!

Isn’t it painful when you try to recall something you’ve just tried to memorize, but can’t? It does happen, and even more often than you think. There are already drugs in the market claiming that they enhance memory through stimulation of the Central Nervous System, but actually, our memory kind of works independently of the CNS. For instance, a hit on the head can damage the memory areas, but not the other nervous abilities. So these drugs, if they really work, they do it indirectly, and to a limited extent.

We need drugs that work directly on the memory areas (including the Hypothalamus). This way we can see real enhancement. And thus, staying all night memorizing Pseudopodia this, and Diphyllobothrium that is going to be history!

So, dear scientists, would you do me a favor, and come up with such stuff as soon as possible? I’d be very thankful, indeed. I know you’re busy, but so are we! These things would save us a lot of time and effort!


Posted May 19, 2006 by H. H. in Philosophy, Thoughts

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