I Dream of a Robotic Life…!   Leave a comment

How many times have you expected from people a more precise response but all you got is random acts? How many times have you been blamed on doing somethings you were asked to do because they were translated as misundersting? How many times has your friend come late to a meeting when you expected him to come earlier?

I dream of a robotic life where everyone and everything acts precisely to what has to be done. No coming late, no lame excuses about not hearing what was asked from you well. Every word will mean a specific thing, which means a specific order, a specific act, then a specific result. Everything gets messed up now because there are many meanings for the words.

It’s like a life where humanoid robots are living. Many people throughout modern history dreamt of a robot-managed life. Robots do not talk much, robots do not say non-sense, and most importantly, they do exactly the thing you want from them. Moreover, they have no emotions, do they won’t get jealous of another robot’s… umm, flashing red button on the head 🙂 . They only work, and have nothing to do but work.

Isn’t that amazing?


Posted May 28, 2006 by H. H. in Philosophy, Thoughts

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