The Chinese Three-Armed Baby   5 comments

China Baby
The 2-month-old, three-armed chinese baby, Jie-jie.

No, this is not science fiction or CGI. This is for real.

Although rare, doctors have reported children born with extra extremities, such as arms, legs, fingers, toes. They usually determine which to remove depending on how well it works.

Dr. Ann Van Heest, an upper extremity surgeon at Gillete Childrens Speciality Healthcare in Minnessota, estimated that one out of 200,000 babies are born with two thumbs on one hand and one out of 2 million have doubling at the wrist, resulting in two hands.

To decide which extremity to remove, doctors usually wait until the child is six to 12 months old to perform any surgery, as they want to observe which extremity the child favors and uses more, Van Heest said.

ABC News: Three-Armed Baby: How Does It Happen?


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5 responses to “The Chinese Three-Armed Baby

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  1. Yeah , that happens sometimes. AS to how , ultra fast cell production.

  2. Actually I've studied Embryology last year, and this just randomly happens. I think Cancer is the thing related to ultra fast cell production. There are a lot of other scary congenital defects, like heart valves disorders. The defect mentioned above is very much milder than many others. I have a congenital defect where my 2nd and 3rd toes of my right foot are stuck on the inner sides, though having separate nails.

    Congenital Disorders
    List of Congenital Disorders

  3. This really freaked people out. This kind of thing is kind of hard to think about. The thing about your toes is really nothing, while having a third arm is something major. This is no x men. This is real.

  4. my step brother had 6 fingers at birth 😛 but yea, not as much as 2 arms

  5. That’s polydactyly — if I still do remember it right from last year.

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