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Being the first known alleged alien abduction incident, I think this story is worth reading. It happened in 1957, where the current UFO mania did not exist at all. Plus, it’s one of the very rare incidents where the abductee has been engaged in a hybrid fertilization.

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Famous Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas: Alien Sexual Deviants

And this is a very interesting article by Ken. In a dispute on whether UFO’s are really from other worlds, he asks “Why do we fully believe that we’re the highest form of beings? Why do we believe that we’re the highest and most intelligent evolutionary step?… What if the so-called UFO-driver aliens are actually a higher species that exists on the same planet we’re on?”

Are chimpanzees aware that we humans exist as a higher step of them? Do they know that we capture them for scientific studies? Or do they just freak out exactly as we do when we see a UFO? We – as we think we are – are not identified nor being aware of by lower species because simply we’re beyond their relatively lower consciousness.

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Fairies and UFOs by Ken Korczak

Gordon Creighton thinks that Aliens and their UFO’s are nothing but JINNs, a species made of smokeless fire, and able to be invisible, and take different shapes, mentioned by Islam to exist along with men, and angels. Gordon even lists his alleged opinions in points.

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A Brief Account Of The True Nature Of The ‘UFO Entities’ by Gordon Creighton

While Terry Melanson believes such entities are psychic phenomena rather than physical matter. Something like the mystical phenomenon of Poltergeist, the famous manifestation of some alleged ghosts.

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UFOs & the Cult of ET: The Phantasmagorical Manipulation by Terry Melanson


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8 responses to “Yes, UFOs Again..!

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  1. DO I think that a higher intelligence exists in outer space. Yes I do. Let me give you my theory. THere are aliens but they look and work exactly like us…. It’s pretty long actually , I’ll post it on my blog pretty soon. So keep checking out my artwork.

  2. Is this a joke or..?! 🙂

  3. I wish.

  4. You gotta wonder how aliens would manage to overcome the immense time periods involved in space travel. Mick

  5. I would indeed wonder that if I was pretty certain that those aliens are exactly like us, humans. Who knows what their bodies are made of. Maybe it’s perfectly normal for them to be in space for long periods of time. Nothing is certain, and everything is possible.

  6. Wow! I’m interested in the paranormal also. I’m really enjoying your blog.

    Dr. W

  7. Thanks Dr W– I’m glad you liked it. I’m gonna post more articles on the paranormal pretty soon.

  8. nothing is certain and everything is possible. SO TRUE

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