Unstable Firefox & How to Protect your Data   5 comments

I’ve had 3 Firefox (v1.5) crashes in a week!

The first time it happened without a definite reason. I just restarted it to find that all my bookmarks, cookies, sign-ons, passwords, and preferences are gone. After some searching in their official support forums and Help guides, I found a solution which is opening Firefox in Safe Mode and then selecting “Reset toolbars and controls” and choosing “Make Changes and Restart”. Original article.

But when it happened for the second and third times (reasons: installing a download manager, and shutting down PC manually, respectively), this method didn’t work. So I came to realize that I have to follow Firefox’s advice as to prevent this from happening again by backing up regularly. Original article.

This is the procedure I’ve been recently following:

  1. I’ve installed the extension Bookmark Backup 0.4.1 (edit 1/1/2008; it’s not compatible with Firefox 2.0 — the alternative is FEBE which is pretty much the same). It backs up your bookmarks, in addition to cookies, passwords, prefs,..etc once you exit Firefox. You can choose the destination folder you want.
  2. I have a Backup utility called Second Copy (shareware). I’ve set it to make 2 copies of the backup originally made by Bookmark Backup every 3 hours, in case the latter gets corrupted for some reason, so I would find a couple of a relatively older intact copies.

EditI’ve just noticed that ‘Bookmark Backup’ saves a copy of FF stuff in a separate forlder for each day. i.e. Saturday, Sunday,..etc, and each has the stuff of the corresponding day, so that way, you won’t need ‘Second Copy’, since it’s impossible that all day folders get corrupted simultaneously. Only the most recent might.

I think this way I’m quite keeping my data safe, though I still think Firefox should be more stable. I’ve never lost my bookmarks, or bothered to back them up in Internet Explorer. Of couse FF is way superior, but it comes second at general stability.


Posted June 11, 2006 by H. H. in Articles, Technology, Web

5 responses to “Unstable Firefox & How to Protect your Data

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  1. One time, I had to restart my computer, because it just hung there. On disk check, it said that a file called bookmarks.html had a problem and was truncated. All my bookmarks from FF were gone, and that was a real pain. From that time, I back up regularily.

  2. That’s really awful. I think the FF guys must work this out soon.

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  4. Help me please…
    I just installed Firefox 2.0, and all of a sudden, my username/password isn't being inserted in the signon window (it always was before). I tried the usual suspects–I did not mistakenly tell FF not to remember the password for this site; and I also tried the remember password bookmarklet, but all to no avail–FF will not ask me to remember this password. What do I need to do to get around this?

  5. Hi Leonel,

    Unfortunately, I don’t use FF 2.0, so I don’t have any experience with it.

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