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a pejorative slang term for someone of Caucasian extraction who shows more interest in East Asian culture than Western culture. This may include interest in Asian languages, dress, history, customs, and so on. See Banana, below.

a pejorative term used to describe people who are of East Asian descent, thus considered “Yellow Skinned,” but think, act, and react as a stereotypical Caucasian or non-Asian would. It is particularly used to describe women who have become highly assimilated into Western culture and/or married Caucasians.

today’s American children’s slang for “germs”, lice or a vague notion of contagious personal contamination.

a middle aged person who enjoys being a part of youth culture, doing or buying things that are usually thought more suitable for children. The word is a portmanteau of kid and adult.

is slang for a very busy person with a highly elevated sense of self-importance, particularly within the realms of business.

Grease Monkey
used to describe a mechanic, generally an automobile mechanic, and dates back to at least 1928. The term may be considered insulting.

is a slang term for being fired from an occupation. It is also North American slang for being kicked in the genitalia.


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7 responses to “Interesting Slangs..!

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  1. Shivdasani… thats weird, its a name, perhaps taken from teleserials?

    Grease Monkey hehe the monkey ext sure doesnt hold a spanner 😀

  2. Oh… now I wont say “I’ve been sacked” …

  3. 🙂

  4. I know a dozen or so eggs, and a bunch of bananas. Pun intended.

  5. I suppose you never get hungry that way, paradox! 🙂

  6. Hhaha! Good one.

  7. Slangs adds new color to the life. No one knows that from where these slangs are originated, but used in whole world. There are several variations of slangs which are based on the language which usually people speaks like British slang, Mexican slang , Internet slang, English slang, Aussie slang, French slang, American slang etc

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