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Well, I’m currently looking for some gadgets to buy while I’m here to take it back home.

  1. I need a 17″-19″ LCD monitor with little response time, and a DVI hub. My choices fall into these:
  2. A video card that goes with DVI montor:
    • GeForce 5200, or 6200, or 6600 — 128mb — AGP — DDR
  3. Mobile phone! Yes, I’ve sold my Nokia 9300! It was sluggish at every aspect. Now I’m looking for a cheap bluetooth phone to couple with my Palm Tungsten E2 for internet access. I’ve narrowed my search into these two:
  4. Earbuds (Earphones) for my Palm music needs. My Thomson earbuds sucks, and one of the covering cloths got lost in the airport (I don’t know how)– Plus, I wanted an inline volume controller in them, so I decided to get new ones anyway. Have heard a 32 ohm of impedance is important for powerful bass experience, and those are what I’ve found:

So what do you think about these choices? Any bad thinga about them that I’m not aware of? Any suggestions?


Posted July 8, 2006 by H. H. in My Life, Technology

6 responses to “Need Gadgets

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  1. About the monitor, I don’t think you should pay much attention to the response time under 8ms. My monitor, at 8ms, showed absolutely no ghosting, or anything for that matter, whether playing need for speed, or watching movies. I don’t think you will see a difference at 3ms. Why a DVI monitor?

  2. Actually, paradox, your Samsung SyncMaster has been in mind until I discovered the SyncMaster series is not available here. About the ghosting; it depends on the monitor brand as well as on the response time. Some monitors with 8ms show ghosting, and others do not. A 3ms monitor will surely show no ghosting.
    As to DVI, it provides a considerabley better and clearer display than the usual Analog RGB. In order to connect a DVI monitor, you need a video card with a DVI hub to directly attach to. Of course, difference in display quality is not readily obvious unless side-to-side comparisons are done.

  3. I’ve found some SyncMaster monitors but not the exact model of yours.

  4. They always get good reviews, they are reliable. I’ve alwayd had them, without any problems.

  5. All I’ll say is that you have and an awesome choice for a Graphics card.

  6. Hi,
    by all means, give the MiniBuds from Boxwave a flip:

    I love them…. . As for the mobile phone, what about a good old T68i?

    Best regards
    Tam Hanna

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