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An artist's impression of a shadow person.

Shadow people (also known as shadow men or shadow beings) are a supernatural phenomenon reported by some individuals. Most accounts of shadow people describe them as black humanoid silhouettes, lacking mouths or eyes, although they are sometimes reported to have red or yellow eyes. They are generally described as lacking mass, although their specific nature varies from two-dimensional (like a shadow) to vaporous or distorted. Their movement is often reported as being very quick and disjointed, or “jiggly”, in the sense that they first may move slowly like a fluid (similar to jello rather than water), then rapidly “hop” to another part of a witness’ surroundings. Some witnesses describe this movement as though the shadow entities they have seen “danced” from one wall to the next. Some witnesses also claim to have been attacked, resulting in scratches, bruises, or burns.

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Posted August 15, 2006 by H. H. in Paranormal

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  1. Really, I already have bad dreams. I didnt need this post. lol. πŸ™‚

    I cought you being a lurker! Har Har Har!

  2. Hehe. Sorry for scaring you.

    I assume you’re aware those are NOT ghosts?

  3. Frankly speaking.. I’m a Shadow geek…

  4. The shadow people come to me four nights a week. He paralyzes me in my sleep and makes it unable for me to speak. Its been happening to me for two years now. It is really hard for me to wake myself up. I am able to watch myself from over my body and its difficult for me to get fully back in my body. This sounds weird, but I am very experienced with all of this. It is a very lucid dream everytime and people who are next to me as I sleep now know to wake me. I know I cannot be the only one who sees ‘him’.

  5. Abby,

    Are you sure you’re not mixing your case up with Sleep Paralysis (Hag Phenomenon)? Do you really see ‘him’? or is it just a ‘feeling’? You say it’s like a very lucid dream, and this points out to Sleep Paralysis.
    Generally, Sleep Paralysis is more common. I even experience it from time to time.

    • I have been having dreams about the ‘shadow man’ ( my name for him) for about two years and it used to be an every night thing, then switched to every month or so? But now its back every night again. Hes tall, black and smokey like? Dark red eyes, long fingers, and kinda see through. I always see people in the dreams with him (all people i know) dying in weird ways. Im 17 almost 18 and im going on about 3 years with this. This post was last commented 2006 and idk how to get a reply cause i barely get on the internet but if anyone knows how to help i could really use it. I havent slept well in 4 days. Sorry for s

      BrendanLee Llado
  6. dr haisook,
    its definately a him. without a doubt. i see him… he has gotten beside me in my bed and just blown hot air in my ear, hes put his hand up to my neck. its crazy.. but i know its a shadow person.

  7. That’s weird, Abby. Does anybody else other than you could hear or feel that shadow man? Do you take any medications or drugs? Have you ever been diagnosed with any kind of a hallucination disorder?

  8. No, no one else sees or hears him at the same time as me. I have known a few people to see the shadow person in their dreams too. I don’t take any medications but I have done some drugs. These dreams have been coming to me long before. I’m not sure what I want you to do for me, maybe a little more insight into the shadow people and their subsistence. Maybe try to end the visits. I need clarity, understanding-totally at a loss of what to do- but it feels I should do something.

    • its in my dreams its trying2 hurt me i need help

      • Don’t be afraid.
        “But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. ” (Jeremiah 17:7)
        “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

  9. Abby,

    You sometimes mention it was real, and sometimes you say it was a dream. You need to really realize if it’s this or that. Does it feel like a day-dream? a very lucid dream that you feel is very real? It depends. There are dreams that feel like that but in reality they’re just dreams. Hope you clarify this, and if you’re located in North America, I’m sure you’d find experts in the paranormal field that may help you.

  10. I am definately asleep when they come. I am never awake. It is a dream, but I believe that it is something coming to me in my dreams. It kind of feels like you think I’m a mental case.

  11. Not really. I don’t think you’re a mental case though all things are possible. Stuff related to dreams, mind, and consciousness are always ambiguous, and many cases are misdiagnosed as mental illnesses though in reality they are not.
    So, since they come to you in your dreams, what makes you think it’s not just a nightmare? Do you feel they’re trying to harm you?

  12. I dont really know if they are trying to harm me. During the dream its an intense feeling, its hard to thumb down on the exact thoughts running through my head. I dont think it is a nightmare. I have only had one dream in the past 3 weeks. I guess they have grown tired of me.

  13. I see things like what is described here on this blog site, although what differs in what I see are Shadows that look human, yet are completely
    shadowed with no faceial features, they wear hood like clothing that resembles a trench coat or a cape over a dark shadowy body. I even had this same kind of shadow follow and on some days chase me from a bus stop to my house and then stop chaseing me after I get inside, I have seen these things since I was five years old, yet they have never chased me until I was around the age of eight or nine. I still see them to this day and I have been attacked by one when I was ten asleep in my bed, I woke up too see this black shadow staring at me, I got out of bed and ran to the door to get out but I couldn’t open the door and the black shadow grabbed me by my wrists and held me against the door muting me screams for help, I screamed so loud that I passed out… When I finally woke up I had two big bruises on both my wrists that were the same shape as a human’s

  14. Oh.. that’s weird Niana. That must be also very confusing to you.
    I’m not familiar with the phenomenon, so I don’t have much to say here. Have you talked to anyone about this? Were your parents home when you were attacked at ten?

  15. Yes they were, but they never really cared about what happened with me, and they never belived in spirits and all that other supernatural stuff… They thought I was just crazy and making up all this shit and as for seeing those bruises, they thought I hurt myself somehow. they thought I was so crazy that they put me into a fucking mental hospital!!.
    my life was hell growing up in that house, Seeing spirits and moveing shadows, fearful of ever going into that damn basement, seeing a shadow that was chaseing me hurt my friend, she had three large scratches on her back from that thing nearly grabing her.
    it was under her shirt and she was bleeding badly even though the shirt had not one rip in it. I can’t see them well enough to be a seer, but I can feel them very well, I can only see the pure evil ones they are the only ones I can see very well with details. all the other ones I can feel when there in a room, I get very very cold and the hair on the back of my neck stands up to tell me I’m being watched. I think people who can feel them are called mediums, I’m not an expert at it, and trust me i wish i never had this cursed gift….

  16. and since my own family thought I was crazy I never told anyone about any of this before, besides my boyfriend who is a seer, you and anyone else who reads this blogs, I haven’t told anyone else about my encounters with these things.

  17. Shadow people won’t hurt you.Matter in fact i wan’t one myself.Maybe if i treat it with respect they will keep me from evil.i will keep it and itll be like my little friend i will name my shadow buddy Ghosty and tell my family about ghosty if the wont believe me i will wtrite about ghosty but they should believe mne im only nine

  18. Some people think they feed on our fear. So I suggest that next time it happens, try to close your eyes, think of white light and try to be at peace as much as possible. This worked for me last time.

  19. Oh wow.. it seems a lot of you guys encounter the shadow fellas. Are you sure they aren’t just mere shadows? What makes you think they are actually alive and hostile?

  20. the fact that I feel extremely cold when they are in the area
    of around 30 feet or more, their outside at night, the ones I see have red glowing eyes and they actively chase you and if they get you they hurt you!.

    and Kayla mims if you want a friend little one make friends with children that are at your school or on your street, and if you want a Guardian to protect you from evil Wear a silver Celtic dragon pendant they were known as Guardians to the celts. and shadow people DO HURT Kayla I was only ten when I was attacked so yes you might get hurt.

  21. Ive had some similar encounters like you lot,but its got to a point where am to scared to sleep in my bedroom now.I usually see them when am awake but the lights are swiched off so its dark,sometimes they disappear into the wall and at other times well they slowly move about,noticing that somethings watching me,however ive had some dreams too which ive been told are actually OBE’s where i can see myself and the shadow being stopping me from getting up,its really freaky.

  22. i find the topic of shadow beings very confuseing indeed, i believe my self to have encountered shadow beings, but i have not seen them at all in reality, people have actually seem them in real life??? thats a scary thought, i have only encountered what i would call a shadow being within my lucid dreams, the first time i encountered one, i found my self conscious within a dream, i was in a pretty dark room, no doors no windows, no way out, there was a mirror though, so i walked through the mirror to leave the room, now i have walked through mirrors befor but something unexpected happened, normally when i walk through a mirror, i instantly appear in a other place, but this time, it was crazy, i found my self in what looked like, a pipe line wave, and i could see the other side where i had to go, but i wasnt feeling good, i felt like i was runing out of breath so i walked back out of the mirror back into the dark room, as soon as i got back in the room, i was on guard!!!! my senses were fireing up like you wouldnt believe, i knew something was there but i could not see it, i was turning around and around to try and stop whatever was there, and then suddenly i was grabbed from behid, i saw arms that were sky black, he held me tight, and started whispering really nasty things into my ear, like im going to kill you, that is the only thing i can remember him saying, thank god:), the only way i got out of it, i somehow made it laugh, i lost what i would call a battle with this being, but as i grew and my knowledge grew, i discovered shadow beings weakness, and i love sending them runing from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but i may have not experienced the same being you people have experienced, what do you think???? do you all think i experienced the same being???
    i have encounted them countless times in my lucid dreams, i believe there home/realm is what i call the-void, a massive expansion of nonthingness,
    in my book i believe they are gutless, they battle me in packs, flying very fast above like black sheets in the wind, there weakness is light, i will never be held againest my will by them again, but do you people think that they are all evil???, in my last enounter with one, i was battleing one, but he never actually attack me, but liked to stay in the back ground, and just watch me, dont know why,
    what is scary me lately, i can turn my dream/astral/spiritual bodies to pure light, but i can also turm my self into a pure shadow, it is sometimes very hard to keep track of a shadow they are so darn fast, i turn to a shadow and that makes it easier to spot them.
    i would very much like to hear what you guys have to say πŸ™‚
    take care all, thanks again by the way for reading this.

  23. I lived in a house where a lot of strange things had happened over the years, long before my exwife and I moved in there. I began seeing a shadowman in my livingroom after a couple of years living there. It began with him standing in the livingroom, just inside my peripheral vision. When I would turn my head to look closer, he disappeared behind a wall. But within minutes he would come back into the middle of the room to stare at me again.

    After a while it became more freuquent and he would not always disappear immediately. Sometimes he would linger for up to 10 seconds while I stared at him, then he would float off, out of vision again. It was always in the exact same spot in the house. It never appeared anywhere else but the livingroom in a certain spot. The room was brightly lit most of the time during these experiences and no shadows were cast anywhere else in the room that I could see.

    Consequently, other people had seen the Shadowman and other similar apparitions. A former tenant living there once saw the red eyes (often associated with a shadowman) staring through a window. A few years later, his brother had also seen it. Yes I know it sounds like Ammityville’s Pig Man but this is what was recalled to me by them years later.

    While we were living in the house, my oldest daughter reported to me one night that a small black shape of a child was sitting on her rocking horse in the livingroom, rocking back and forth. She was frightened and screamed for someone to come downstairs to make it go away. By the time I reached the bottom step, it vanished.

    Most recently, my sister and her children live in this house. The house has been in our family since 1912 but was a rental unit until 1995. My nephew who just began puberty has also seen the Shadowman. He had no foreknowledge of this being, yet he has seen it. To him, it looks like a shadow who plays hide and seek with him. When he looks at him, he zooms around a corner, peeking his head at him until he stops staring. Once he stops staring, the Shadowman returns to the livingroom to stare back at him.

    On a side note, there have been reports that houses which have Shadowmen have also been the scene of trauma or emotional distress. This is very much the case in this house. One tenant commited suicide in the house, several people died of old age, I was personally abused by my exwife in that house to the level of criminal activity. Another couple who once lived in the house also had a lot of domestic disputes and one woman was even thrown through a window on the first floor livingroom.

    I do not take this lightly. Someone who posted that he would like shadowman of his own is welcome to have mine. Once the residents have moved from this house, the Shadowman is usually never seen by them again and quite often, the trouble within their relationship/marriage resolves itself.

    I believe this to be more demonic in nature than ghostly. I believe that whatever a Shadowman is, he feeds on pain, anguish, trauma, depression, mental instability and in many cases will amplify what is already going on in that household.

  24. Tim,

    That’s a very informative account. Thanks for posting it here.

    I’d like to mention something – though – that might contradict the fact that shadowmen are real. There’s an eye disorder known as Musca (fly in latin). There are 2 types; moving and stationary ones. Those things appear as dark spots or areas within the visual field, very commonly misinterpreted as ghosts by the subject. Many scientists assume that this disorder is the reason behind such sightings.

    What do you say?

  25. Hi Dr. Haisook,

    Id have to say that, although this eye disorder does occur, it’s not the case in this situation. I have heard other people say the exact same thing, however I find it interesting that it ONLY occurs in this particular house in one particular room. Had the shadowman followed us to our new house, or followed other friends and family to their houses, I would say, ok sure…possibly something wrong with the eyes. We’ve all had days where our eyes play tricks on us but why would it only happen in that one room in that one house?

    I have a theory. I’m sure it really cant be any more far fetched than any other theory on this matter. So, here goes:

    The human eye has the ability to see within certain spectrums of light. We can see color, although not perfectly. We can see in the dark, provided we have at least some source of light to show us the slightest illumination. We can not see infared, gamma, ultraviolet or any other levels of light without the help of special filters. There are many levels of light that the human eye simply can not see. These visual ranges are however available to many creatures of the animal kingdom. Birds of prey for example have night vision and the ability to see very long distances. I believe that many animals can also see UV rays to find sources of food through heat signatures.

    If a human were to have a trauma to the head, or possibly a brain malfunction or disorder, it is quite possible that our visual range will change. For instance, people who have blunt force trauma injuries often times complain of the loss of certain senses. Some people can no longer hear certain tones, some cant taste food anymore and some lose the ability to see in color.

    I believe, that what can be lost in a problem with the brain, can also add new features that were, until then, untapped resources. I would also say that along with mental disability, mental ABILITY is inherited. If one person in a family has an extra sense, it’s possible to pass on that gene to their children and further down the line.

    That all being said, What happens in current medical cases where a child or adult has seen things that according to science aren’t there, they medicate that person so as to alter their brains or inhibit the targeted locations from “manifesting” these visions. This makes the psychiatrist or doctor happy, because the patient no longer sees things and is cured of his/her problem, but that doesn’t change the fact that these apparitions are still there, even if they ARE now out of our visual range.

    What is REALLY happening is, we are removing an ability through inhibitors, to PREVENT them from seeing what nobody else can see. Take a simple digital camera for instance. Normally, the sensor that picks up light on a camera will only receive information from a light source. But, if you place a filter over that sensor, the camera will suddenly be able to see in the dark and pick up UV rays. Why not the human eye? As complex as our brains are, there is still a huge amount of it that nobody understands.

    OK, that’s my theory!

  26. Abby, i have the same thing. concentrate on moving your fingers and toes and you will wake up. and close your eyes. dont look at them. close your eyes move your fingers and toes and relax. youll be out of it in a sec! and eat a lot before you go to sleep they come when your weak. i hope that works for you it does for me. bye.

  27. OH!! and dont sleep on your back! big no no! sleep on your side. and try to have a light on.

  28. Good advice, Ani!

  29. this happen to me the other day, but i had no paralysis, i have had that sometimes when i get awaken suddenly normally at 3:00am, i become wide awake as if someone woke me up. and cant move or speak, ill try to shout but cannot physically make anysound. but the other night it was different, i was awakended again time not too sure, but its as if someone woke me up and said look quick, and i knew exactly where to llok, turned my head and looked above me, and there floating above me was 2 black shadows. what i seen didnt look in human form, they looked to me i would describe as cubes, next to each other, they were staionary floating above me as a stared, and i quickly thought this is something wierd as i believe in the supernatural, and as i stared to take a closer look, they started spinning really really fast, it was as if they had a mind of there own, so i knew i wernt seeing things, it was as if whatever it was it new i was looking at it. the 2 black shadows looked to me like to big cubes that looked like a really dark eary hologram, started spinning round really fast as i looked closer. then both evaperated into thin air. and left my room. first glance i thought cause i just awoke my eyes might have been blurry, after a secound or 2, i realized it wasnt as i was wide awake, and wanted to see what it really was i aint scared of things like that. as soon as i questioned it they both started spinning really fast, and jiggly and evaperated as if they had to get out of here, and was scared of something, all in all they were there for about 10 secounds. long enough to convince me. things like this always happen to me a a very specific time in my life when i make a certain choice, i am glad for these miracles to happen for me. i wont go to deep into why and what things like this happen to me and us for a reason. and i know what the reason is for me. these spirits cannot harm you however, if you wake during the night , eyes wide open , possibly dead on 3:00am may differ to different people, with me it always seems to be dead on 3:00am. and you wide awake cant move speak and see dark shadows, its sprit visitation weather they are good or bad spirits i dont know. im guessing they are bad. evil demons.

  30. if you believe in jesus and god, these shadows will leave you quicky than a cannonball, if they are evil then they are scared of jesus, if they are good then theres no need to be affraid. it is said for a true believer, when evil spirits look into the eyes of a believer they dont see you they see jesus. thats why they run.

  31. i have heard about the scientist theory about how you brain works when you asleep. this doesnt explain the sudden awakening, it also doesnt explain why it always happens to me spot on 3:00am, there are amny things science cant explain, so they create professional judgemental theories for people that find it hard to belive its spirits.

  32. Interesting account, Bob. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    And as the field of parasychology is unlimited and vague, I won’t be able to say any comment on your account. I think it all depends on the subjective feelings; whether good or evil. Just keep faith in yourself, and I think no harm would happen to you.

  33. something similar like that happened to me when i was 14. i was lying in bed looking at this shadow thats outside my room in the hallway. and then it just lifted and floated into my room. it was a big black rectangle and it spun over me for a while and i was in pain. i closed my eyes and it was gone. there are these hallucinations you can get before you fall asleep and right after waking up called hypnogogic and hypnopompic lol something like that lol! anyways thats what i figure it was. but its very odd how other people have had very similar experiences. i study sleep paralysis and hallucinations because of my problem and ive read all types of scientific explanations for it but they cant explain why its almost the same for everyone. and i try to stay scientific but when these things happen to you…well it takes some convincing that its all in your head. it seems very real, and i have to admit, sometimes i worry that they are demons.

  34. I used to always see these figures when I was 13 yrs old up to 18. I’d see them in my hallway, bedroom, basement, everywhere. Even when I went out… My mom thought I was making everything up. But I wasn’t.. I’d even feel ppl touching my sholders and hear my name always being called at home, and school :S I used to be very afraid of my sightings and experiences till I learned to get used to it… I used to get scratches all the time… Something was attached to me and I don’t know what.. Now since I don’t really see them anymore.. I kinda miss it.. I feel since I got used to them and had my mind set on other things and not being afraid.. I just lost them you know?.. I know this might be crazy but I honestly wish to see them again.. Even if they were bad. I wanna know what they wanted from me

  35. Interesting account Erin!

    So it seems a LOT of people experience(d) that phenomenon which is really interesting to me. I never thought this topic would get this number of comments.

  36. Shadow People are very real. They are not simply shadows.

  37. 5 years ago I was driving at night with a friend on Interstate 30 in Arkansas. We both saw this “Shadow Person” come across the North-bound lanes… It appeared on the left shoulder, and then walked/drifted to the right shoulder were it dissapated (similar to beaming-up on Star Trek).

    I actually slammed on the brakes of my Honda when this thing got to the middle of the North bound lanes… 70MPH to about 5 miles an hour… My friend and I were so stunned… I couldn’t get myself to push back down on the gas…
    He asked, “What was that?”
    I carefully mentioned, “It looked like a guy with his head bent over”
    He replied, “Or he didn’t have a head!”

    I yelled, “That’s it!”

    We were carefull to say much to each other… I knew what “I” had seen,
    but we both needed to be convinced by the other, that we both saw the same thing.

    This happened near Gurdon Arkansas. I recently spoke to a young woman while traveling through the area on my way from Texas to my hometown in Illinois. She had witnessed something similar in her home… but his Shadow Person was wearing a hat. Very strange.

    I will add details to this story if somebody wants to know more.

    I feeling to “weirded-out” to type anymore at this point.


  38. Well, nice account, Rob!
    That’s the first account I hear about a Shadow Man on highways!
    Those fellas usually come up in dark bedrooms at night…


  39. I never thought this topic would grow as much as it has since my last post. I have been shadow-people/man free for a month now and I do believe that when something is tormenting (perhaps the word choice is a little strong) your inner self, whether it be relational to friends and family or simply being unhappy over the few pounds youve gained over the winter, they will appear. The trouble is, I can NEVER anticipate why or what is going to trigger my sleep paralysis and encounters with these beings. Every day an unpresidented amount of thoughts pass through one’s mind so briefly and carelessly that it is difficult to peg what sets it off. This, unsurprisingly, leaves me feeling helpless and weak-minded. Although I may think that everything is fine in my life, it cannot be. I can only hope that by vocalizing this paradox others like myself will find comfort and help. I believe everyone…except for Tim. Only kidding.

  40. Hey Ive had a bad experience. I was home babysitting my cuz when i saw a dark shapeless thing crawling around my house it looked like a shadow so i called out to my cuz and he was up in my room watchin TV.
    So my second thought was a robber. I got a bat from the living I turned the corner where the shadow was but nobady was there. I hear a hissing and i turn around. I see the shadow inches from my face, I swing the bat as hard as i can. it goes through the shadow and becomes two! I hear mom open the the door and then the shadows evoporate upward like you said “beam me up scottie” I tell my parents the whole event and they dont believe me until they see two pairs of tiny handprints on the window…

  41. O.K. here’s my experience, I’m 30 years old, live in the UK, I don’t believe in ghosts or god but am open to the idea that there are things in/outside our perceivable universe that we cannot explain. I always told myself that if I ever saw a ghost then I would believe in them, but I still don’t??
    This morning I woke up opened my eyes and saw a shadow being, it looked like a completely black silhouette of a man with a black hood/ cape. Half of my bed is in an alcove, the top half shadowman was leaning around the corner looking directly at me, both his hands on the wall. He disappeared after about a second or two. I didn’t feel anything, (perhaps slight amazement) but not cold or frightened as other people have described.
    I too wonder what it was, could it have been a hallucination due to me just waking up, and visitor from the future, a being from another dimension, or even a ghost. I cant deny what I have seen I seemed real, but yet it couldn’t have been.

  42. Let me just add to the above statement that up to that point I have never seen ghosts of anything strange in my lifetime, I have even mocked people that believe in them, and regularly laugh at “Most Haunted” a uk ghost TV show. also my first reaction when I saw the shadowman was that it looked like the classic western depiction of Death but I did not fear it or think it was Death.

  43. Could be a hallucination. Could be a ghost. Looks like we’ll never get it to know, and that what makes it more interesting!

  44. its not a hallucination…. ive had some crazy paranormal experiences and now iam seeing that its not soo abnormal…. once i woke up in the middle of a dead sleep to a black figure with no face and a red hood sitting on my bed indian style beside me just watching me sleep… for some reason i wasn’t scared at all…. he was just chillin…. watching me peacefully… but now that i read more about it im getting bugged out… demons?? that shit is straight SCARY. besides that…. i see black movement in the corner of my eye all the time.. usually in a mirror…. and i always have the feelign that somebody is watching me… i have also woken up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed…. when i know i am awake but i can’t see and i cant move……….. its scary. that hapened to me twice …. it feels like i am dead and i am realizing that there is no life after death… that death is mearly a state of living in a black world where all i can do is think… like iam sitting in a completely black room and i can’t move………. interact………. nothing. just darkness… does anybody know what thsi means?

  45. hi amber,

    These are some interesting experiences with shadow people that you’ve been having.
    As to paralysis you feel when you wake up, it’s a scientific phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis. Know more about it here:

  46. Amber, I have seen them while fully conscious /awake, and I have seen them as I awoke and never experienced sleep paralysis. I can always move. I have been awoken to the sensation of being choked only see the shadowy figure slowly back out of my room. As a kid I had recurring dreams about the “hat man”, although thankfully never saw him outside of a dream. Most of the stuff I’ve read from people that dismiss their existence haven’t seen them. Until recently, I didn’t want to believe they were real myself, but too many vivid experiences for me to be in denial about it any more. Leave a bright light on at night, 75watts or greater and they won’t bother you. I haven’t had the experience since I started doing this. I don’t think they like the bright light or they have trouble manifesting when it’s too bright or something. A night light won’t work, it’s too dim and they can still appear.
    Think about all the emotions people feel and all of the possible things a person could hallucinate about.. There are thousands of other things a person sees in a day and numerous other feelings that a person experiences daily. If you are like me the feeling of doom or sensing something/one is evil doesn’t occur very often in my life.

    I mean seeing a shadowy figure and feeling a sense of doom is pretty random out of all the possible feelings and things you could see and feel. Doesn’t any of these skeptics think it’s unlikely so many people can be having the same or similar hallucinations and often similar feelings that coincide with them? If it’s a symptom of hypnogagia or sleep paralysis, then why not hallucinate about beach balls and cardigan sweaters while feeling melancholy?? that’s just as random. Nobody asks that question though. You might want to go to is chock full of stories and people relaying their experiences. Best wishes and good luck.

  47. I’m just going to write here some of the feelings and happenings I can remember.
    When I was younger dreams were always very frightening for me. I remember dreams that I couldn’t wake up from no matter how hard I tried. I remember dreams where I’d wake up only to realize I was still dreaming (this proceeded in the same dream many times maybe 5-6) But, to me the one dream I remember most was a dream where I saw a man that couldn’t be controlled in my dreams. Now after a lot of the aforementioned dreams I developed a system where if I made a wish in a dream it would happen. No matter what. Now I had a dream and I remember it being a grassy area and this guy was sitting on a mound. I don’t remember what he looked like anymore. But, I remember him being smug and kept telling me how I couldn’t escape him. So I tried to wish him away and it wouldn’t work. After a long time of enduring his torture my mom woke me up. For a few weeks every night he’d revisit me until my mom woke me up. Sometimes I’d try to close my eyes because that had gotten me out of dreams before. In a dream closing your eyes is synonymous with opening them in this world. That didn’t work either. After awhile I realized it wasn’t that these tactics weren’t working it was that in these dreams he was confusing me and making me forget how to do it. I “escaped” him after awhile and don’t see him anymore. I don’t know if he falls in line with these shadow figures or not. But, now and then when I’m in bed in my house or the old house I used to live in I get a creepy feeling when I lie in bed like somethings watching me. And in my minds eye I can see the room I’m in including my self and my bed. And in my minds eye I see this figure very tall and hunched over, all black walk into the room, over to my bed, and stare down at me. If I look I don’t see anything, but the feelings still there. Even writing this freaks me out a little…

  48. Also, if I say a prayer during this time the feeling goes away and I don’t see him anymore. I don’t know if these things are real or imagined in my mind. Or if praying makes them go away or simply puts my mind at ease. But, I’m thankful for prayer at least.


  50. Hi LAURA;

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been annoyed by this for all these years. As you may have already read, many people suffer from this phenomenon, something that I’ve never thought is that common.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with this phenomenon, so I can’t offer specific help. I advise to search on the internet for forums about the paranormal and discuss the matter with people who experience the same things. One place you might find useful is ‘Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums’.

    Hope this helps.

  51. I have been researching sleep paralysis because I had an experience where I woke up to a man in black standing at my bedroom door when I was eight years old. Except I wasn’t physically paralyzed. I was able to move at will.

    I want to know why is it always a man in black, an old hag, an alien or spiders that people see. It is always a terrifying experience. I have yet to hear of a pleasant experience. Has anyone had a pleasant experience during sleep paralysis? I wonder what it is that causes such unpleasant hallucinations. I would think that one would be able to hallucinate both pleasant as well as unpleasant things, just like you can have pleasant dreams as well as nightmares.

    I don’t believe my man in black experience was due to sleep paralysis. I feel really bad for anyone who experiences this constantly. I would not look forward to sleeping.

  52. I think because Sleep Paralysis is technically a sleep disorder, where there’s a temporary disruption in brain function, deranged hallucinations, not pleasant ones, are normally expected.

    And I don’t think your experience with the man in black was due to Sleep Paralysis. In Sleep Paralysis, as its name implies, there’s no movement possible! You simply can’t move! However, you remain awake and conscious. That what makes it scary. I used to experience this phenomenon much more often in my teen years. It scared me to death, until I researched the matter on the internet and came to the explanation, and now when I get it, it’s no more frightful.

  53. About 12 years ago (when I was 14), I was lying down getting ready to go to sleep, when I heard a man whisper my name. I opened my eyes and it was a tall shadow man wearing a trench coat and hat. I was too scared to speak so I had pulled a sheet over my head and prayed. The next day I started to tell my sister (younger by 2 years & we shared the room) about it when she she said she saw and heard something too another time. I asked her to describe it (to test her to make sure she saw the samething). She said when she saw him he had whispered both our names. We’ve never seen him again, but I’m just curious about the fact that when I come across info about the shadow man, I’ve never read about him whispering names.

  54. i had a lucid dream to day i was surfing with my barefeet in the ocean (miami beach) then i was runing on the beach i was really happy all the suden i heard bombs going of and these shadow people took me down and i could not talk they were holding me down i started screamin and i somehow escaped to another dream… i feel like these shadow try to stop me from expending my lucid dream.

  55. Interesting experiences, Harmony and ameriquanucorsu. I’m sure they were very terrifying at the time, though.

    Shadow men are almost always silent. So you are right. Your case is rare.

  56. I see them all the time and they scare me they poke me and tickle me it’s insane. And the weird thing is when I go to sleep I close my eyes and they’re there when I close my eyes i can see them still like their living in my eyes they come up close to my eyes it seems and I see their faces and they walk to the left and right of my eyes disappearing then more come and more and more. I think I should go to the doctor or something to get my eyes checked I don’t know what to do! HELP!

  57. I find this topic interesting, even though I’m a bit skeptical. I have a hard time accepting things sometimes, even if I truly do believe they might actually be somewhat true. Before my dream, I’d never heard of “shadow people” before. I had, what I would call a nightmare one night, only it was unlike any nightmare I’d ever had before. It left me with a complete feeling of total dread. I remember in the dream I was driving at night down a little road. It was dark out and in the distance, comming up to a tree on my right, I could just barely see the silhouette of a man standing next to it just looking down. I had an unsettling feeling in my car as I kept on driving, like I was looking for something, but paid no real attention. Then at an incredible speed,I watched as the thing that I thought was a man turn, and with all intent of filling me with absolute fear, it ran toward my car as if to make me feel like i had just killed it. At the point of impact I woke up. Not much of a dream, but I just can’t forget the feeling I had with this dream, or the feeling I had even looking at this figure. In a split second before I awoke I saw that this figure was not a man, but a dark grey man-like figure with no facial characteristics, eyes, ears or anything. He had no hair, nothing. Just incredible speed and a terrible sense of ferocity, anger, and dread. when I woke up next to my boyfriend I was unable to compose myself or move, but only for about one minute. It was hard to fall back asleep and since then, it has been hard to fall asleep and not have a bad,
    or weird kind of dream where something messed up happens, or my weird dreams just become nightmares. I do feel that I am always being watched, and I also feel there is a negative energy around me. Usually only the negativity when I’m alone, but I often feel the dread more late at night. I somtimes need to wake my boyfriend up and we’ll go sleep on the couch so at least I can turn on the tv.

  58. I also have been trying to find an answer to this.I have had a shadow person follow me around everywhere I go basically.I ahve moved 4 houses so I have seen it in all four houses.I used to live in USA and used to see it everynight bending down at me and I bascially froze and it’s like I was calling out my mom’s name but they couldn’t hear me until the thing was gone.And I would hear like a buzzing sound and when it was gone I could breathe again.I stopped seeing that particular shadow and I thought thanks God it’s gone.Then I had my son 4 years ago and I started seeing it again but thsi time it was a shadow with cape. One time I saw it swinging my son’s swing. And then there was another time…which really scared the hell out of me..basically I was a sleep and my baby was sleeping beside me and I think my baby almost must have fallen of the bed as the shadow thing tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at my son and then disappeared I quickly picked my son up to make sure it was okay and then I realized that maybe it was trying to tell me that my son was about to fall off the bed. I have moved again and then saw it again in the house I’m living in now…so I don’t know why it keeps following me everywhere I go…I do get scared of it sometimes but now I don’t really..maybe it’s a good being…But please if anyone has any answer to this or has a similar experience or can help me in anyway please email me on thanks

    • The Bible says in Ephesians 6:10-12 and 23,24″Finally, be strong in
      the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you
      can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not
      against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,
      against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of
      evil in the heavenly realms.(…) Peace to the brothers, and love with faith
      from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace to all who love our
      Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love”.

      Don’t be scared with these entities of shadows. Just trust in Jesus. Pray to Him. He can deliver us from devil, give us strength and show us the way, Truth and Life.

      God bless you in the name of Jesus.

  59. I had a nightmare a few months ago (although I felt wide awake; no dream feeling, and I was in my bed, in my bedroom) that a really bad presence / man (he definitely felt male, although he didn’t seem human at all) was standing by my bed, leaning over and peering into my face. He was solid black, featureless, and his silhouette resembled someone wearing a long cape (kind of like Darth Vadar’s body!) — couldn’t see any arms, legs, etc. The feeling I had was pure awful terror — it felt really evil. It felt like he was observing me, waiting for me to wake up and notice him and be terrified by him. But he was really impassive, didn’t do anything other than stare into my face (though I couldn’t see eyes or facial features at all).

    I tried to yell and scream and my husband woke me up. I definitely think I was asleep, but, like I said, it didn’t have that dream quality at all — I felt awake.

    I’ve always really enjoyed my dreams, so it’s strange for me to feel such terror from a dream. And that’s what the shadow man evokes — pure terror. Never felt anything like it.

    I can’t believe so many people have experienced the same thing.

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  61. I was raped twice by a Black Shadow. the first time was around the dreadful death of my aunt who was burned up in her house. I opened my eyes, and floating towards me was a black shadow with no eyes and i saw right through him, i quickly turned over on my stomach and he came over me and began having sex with me from behind. The second time it happened, i had already moved into my new house, he came again at night and laid on top of me and had sex with me. I didn’t feel anything, but i saw the motions.

  62. That sounds awful, J.C. Hope it doesn’t happen to you again. 😦

  63. OMG

    i just googled my problems into google and this page came up! ive been seeing these shadow beings since i was 10 years old to present day! im totally stunned that there is other people who have seen the same thing!!!!

  64. I had a quick read of some peoples experiences and I admit that I also have sleep paralysis although that comes and goes… Does anyone else feel a loud ringing in there head when they go into the sleep paralysis?

    ive had to document all the nightmares and sleep paralysis experience so i can show my doctor, he has no idea what it is so he wants to show what i write to a psychologist… so that should be interesting
    but would be cool if anyone would like to chat about this!

  65. paul,

    It was surprising to me as well to see all those people suffering or has suffered from the shadow man phenomenon. And Yes. I used to hear that ringing sound when I experienced Sleep Paralysis.

  66. hi

    ah thankyou I wondered whether that was a product of the sleep paralysis or not.
    On a seperate note I have one theory as to how I ended up seeing ‘shadow people’. I was at least 5 or so and I locked myself out of my sitting room and i was in pitch darkness. I imagined that a shadowed knight was walking down the stairs towards me and I was absolutly terrified, so much that i could shout out or anything. I managed to get into the the sitting room but i acted as though nothing happened….

    but yeah is it possible that shadow people are a result of a trumatic experience? to be honest that memory was only something I remembered recently and it was not till years later that I saw the shadow person.

    the first time i saw it. i dremt that I looked out of my window and saw a shadowed silohette of a man come through the house door. I climb into bed and literally and instant later the shadow person glides towards me from the door. I remember it being featureless and silent but never the less it still stirred a very petrified emotion. this wasnt the worst time that I saw one but im sure everyone has lots of stories lol I just dont want to spam up your page lol

  67. sorry didnt leave an explanation, – the link above is a page with people having the same experiences, perhaps you can compare notes. thats if you have a facebook account

  68. Thank you, phoenix.

  69. This is interesting.But Shadow beings weird huh.
    Is it even possible for shadow people taking over someone’s body.Just thought I ask.

  70. hello I’m a born-again christian and these are REAL. My son saw one on top of me in the middle of the night waking to the wooing sound like electricity through a cable of which I also could hear every night. I used to wonder if he could here this strange surge of sound that would get louder and louder. He had very quietly entered my room the door was open and stood very still and he said later he could see the black mass on top of me moving slightly, I never mentioned this, but asked him years later as I did not want him to be scared. The black mass moved on me I felt it was heavy on me and had black masses coming out from the side of it and would come up very close to the face as I looked at it with my eyes open only slightly so I would’nt scare it away first. Not a pleasant experience would occur most nights until a prayer was said.

  71. I have strange dreams of shadow people. Well, the same dream. In my dream, the shadow people are trying to drag me to the furnace in my house. There are many of them, I feel very overwhelmed, and as I struggle with them I’m very aware I’m dreaming but at the same time I know in my soul that if they get me into the furnace during my dream, I’m going to die. I always woke up with the sense that my house, or something in it wanted to harm me. Other things seem to occur around me at home as well, but my dream was by far the most threatening of all. Finally, when I became so afraid to sleep, a friend of mine suggested I place three ribbons in the four corners of my house saying that they will block negative energy from the house. In the year and half since I’ve never had another dream,so maybe the ribbons work.

  72. Hey everyone.

    After finding this page I know I’m not alone. Mine seems a little different tho. I’m not sure if I’m awake or asleep when this happens. Ill be laying in bed in mine and my girlfriends room and ill see a man-shaped shadow by our closet. About a second later I feel like I’m being dragged outta my bed..but not phisically dragged…more like my souls being dragged outta me…can’t move..I can see me and my girlfriend in bed…but I’m not in bed? One time when I was being dragged I could move…I’ve only been able to move once…swung on the shadow guy…my fist went thru him…and I was suddenly in bed again? The thing that creeps me out is my girlfriends father died a few years back she has a bunch of his belongings in the closet,along with his ashes….could it be him? I know he never liked me because I used to date my girlfriends sister when I was younger…anyone know anything to help me get this to stop?

  73. Hi jayson,

    Interesting account. I’m not sure if it’s your GF’s father, but if I were you I’d ask her to move his belongings (especially his ashes) to some other room.

  74. Good idea. Cause havin her dead daddy I’m our closet….is VERY creepy all by itself. Throw in what I’ve been seeing…and it makes for a huge loss of sleep

  75. Hi, when I was sixteen I had a poodle named JOJO and he was my responsiblity, so a month or so after I had been babtized (I belong to a babtist church) my Jojo had to go out, well I walked out the side door of the house, put jojo out for a few minutes, and when I thought he was through with his business, I opened the same door I put him out of and to my surprise I was stopped in my footsteps by a 9-10 foot white figure with his hands held out to me, I looked up at the figure, couldnt beleive what I was seeing so I closed the door just for a second or two….when I opened the door back up the figure wasnt there anymore. I beleive it was my angel watching over me. I let jojo in. Now to this day, after a horrific car accident that should have left me dead and my daughter dead, I beleive….that was my angel, he was watching after us. Today in lies a different story, I see other beings in the realm of this world, ones that I do not feed fear to, because fear gives them shregnht to become stronger and become more than just shawdows as they are, Do not be afraid of them for they are just other beings that want to stay on earth but can not. They feed off of your fear, so therefore do not be afraid, do not give them the ability to have the oppurtunity to become half alive again. You’re in control…rememeber that. Never focus solely on it. If you see it……ignore it’s presence.As long as you ignore it , it can not become stronger, and will soon die off per you.

    • Hi! Thanks Jesus for you and your daughter are alive and fine! πŸ™‚
      Yes! We don’t need to worry about nothing spiritual… I said spiritual because these beings are spirits like fallen angels…
      “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.(…)” (Ephesians 6:12)
      “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11)
      “For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth.(…) May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:8,14)

  76. I do not see my shadows in a dream, I see it while I’m wide awake, and other people in my house have also asked if I had someone else in the house while I knew I was the only one here, my husband works with the railroad and is only home on the weekends. When he’s home the shadow becomes more active, as if it’s disturbed by another man being in the house, and I’ve told my husband about this, but only certain people have the gift to see this type of being, and as I said above do not be scared, dont feed it your enery.

  77. Rene,

    Thanks for sharing your account. Yes, I agree with you about the point you stressed on; do not show fear to such beings and they will go away or at least will be less frightening to you.

  78. Hvae you ever heard of dogs seeing these beings also, and smelling them, and hearing them? When I’m in the back of the house where I usually see the being from the front of the house , my dog reaccts as if she see’s or smells a presence. That does disturb me, if my dog senses it.

  79. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard animals are more sensitive to external stimuli than we are. Dogs smell our adrenaline when we are frightened. Humans do not. Animals sense the coming of earthquakes. Many stories tell about dogs that bark when ghosts are nearby. So, may be your dog senses it, may be not.

  80. Hey guys, great to see this page exists. I definitely have experienced sleep paralysis with “visitors” which can appear as shadow people. I personally believe that when we get paralyzed in dream state, it is intentionally done by the visitor, and the shadow form we perceive is just a cover shot to mask a true identity. I personally believe that whoever comes to visit us under these circumstances is not there to befriend us, but rather mess around with our energy fields. (yes that may sound crazy… but so does getting frozen in your sleep and having shadow people come up to us…)

    So regardless of any of that, this is what worked for me, it’s a 20 second visualization that puts a multidimensional protection field around you before sleep. Since I have been doing this all negative interaction has ceased… Also it helps to bring in higher frequency than that in which the shadow people can operate. So literally they are repelled by the higher currents in your astral fields while you sleep. Using this technique also helps undo anything they may have done to you.

    So I know most people will think it’s crazy or doesn’t fit into what their church says is possible… but it DID work for me and if I can help one other person stop “shadow people” interaction then it was worth posting this link,

  81. I’m 16years old and I have already had many experiences with shadow people and ghosts. when I was small I had this coloring table and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I spent hours at that thing just coloring and doodling. Well one time that I remeber I was trying to remeber the colors of the rainbow then I was floating and I could see myself coloring. A voice came through and whispered red comes first. 2) like I’ve told you I’ve had many experiences before this but this is the first with shadow people up close. I have two little sisters and they were both out. I was probably about 15 and the bathroom is connected to my little sisters room. I had to get up really early because I was apart of this orginization with school and we were going to pick up trash along the highway so I went to brush my hair and wash my face. When I dried my face I looked up into my sisters room and this tall slinky man walked by. He then stopped and backed up and looked just as surprised to see me as me to him. We stared at each other for a moment inthe mirror. It ewas so strange is was so dark in her room I don’t know how I saw him. He was darker than black. Now I see them everywhere. On street corners and even in My room. I am very afraid of the dark I have been for years and when someone does turn off the lights I freak thinking they are going to hurt me I actimatically fall close my eyes cover my head and scream. I also can’t be alone Nd when I am I turn on loud music and sleep. Most teens love to be home alone and have there boyfriends over but when I have mine over they don’t believe me and then think i’m strange because I dont want to be alone. Do you think they want to hurt me?

  82. HayHay,

    Sorry to hear about the distress shadow people have been causing you. However, I think the first incidence you talked about, when you floated and saw yourself, is actually called Out-Of-Body-Experience. It has nothing to do with shadow men. But the guys you’ve been saying may be shadow men.

    You’re asking if they wanted to hurt you. From people’s opinions here, most shadow men bring evil sensation when they show up. Most people get frightened by their appearance, and nobody ever said they felt they were kind or the like. In sum, they are a psychological harm. Many opinions agreed on how to overcome them; which is by being calm and not showing fear. They may go away this way. A common explanation I’ve been hearing is that shadow men feed on your fear, so don’t provide them with that fear.

    Hope this helps.



      BE WELL, RR

  83. i’ve seen it before… and i was wide awake! i was recently home alone sitting on the couch and watching tv late at night with the lights ON and i kept hearing strange pops and bumps coming from the kitchen which is directly behind the living room… so i turned MY ENTIRE HEAD away from the tv towards the kitchen entry way and i seen it just standing there in doorway, i was shocked… i looked back and it was still there same as before, i was frozen with sudden fear and then it agressively ran straight towards me and jumped right through me, the couch and everything, but i didn’t feel any physical pain from it. the whole encounter lasted about 3 or 4 seconds, but i’ll never forget what i saw (it was just a black human shaped shadow with no hat, eyes, robe or anything like that. i wanted answers so i did some research and what i found out along with the sleep paralysis stuff is extremely disturbing since i also suffer from that as well.

    im 28 years old now and ever since i can remember i’ve had disturbing experiences during sleep. we moved around a lot when i was a kid, and this seemed to happen at least once at every new place. the first one happened when i was around 5… i can clearly remember sleeping alone with no light once night and waking up to see what looked like a vest or maybe a shirt suspended right before me in mid-air as if something not seen were wearing it, it was so terrifying that i raised up and it faded away. the next time was at a different place, i was sleeping on the floor with a light on and i woke up to see what looked to me like a huge bear and i watched it turn around walk into the next room… i actually got up to look for it but nothing was there. the third time i remember was also around a year later and at a different place again…. this time was similar to the first because i was sleeping in a dark room with my door open and i remember waking up to see an empty robe suspended in that doorway facing me… i was so tired that i didn’t remember it until the next morning. those are the ones that i remember the most clearly from when i was a kid, but thats not everything… only the ones that bothered me the most.

    eventually i got older and when i was 20 i had my first experience with sleep paralysis… it was late one night and i had made the mistake of falling asleep in the floor on my back…. i woke up to see a dark figure that i couldn’t make out pointing to the clock on my stereo (it was 3am) i couldn’t scream or talk, my ears were ringing and i couldn’t move at all like there was a strong force pushing down on my entire body then i fell back to sleep. i let it go as a weird dream until it began to happen again and again and again… i eventually figured out that its not as likely to happen if you sleep on your stomach, but believe me it still can. its happened so many times over the last few years that exact same way that i stopped counting, however i don’t always see things when it occurs, but its always the same terrifying feeling waking up around the same time of night (paralysis, ears ringing, can’t speak, icy cold feeling)… i’ve got to where i can fight it off but its extremely difficult and frightening to the point i feel like i may could die trying. i’ve actually woken up with it choking me and actually seen a dark vapory hand quickly release the hold, pull back and sorta float away into nothing. one night i fell asleep on the couch and woke up with my ears ringing and i was like, ‘oh god here we go again’ so i fought it off, got up and i can still clearly remember walking upstairs to the bedroom to go back to sleep, but when i got to the bedroom and heard the tv i immediately woke up downstairs back on the couch again. weird huh? my mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she’s experienced the same sort of things her whole life… so am i messed up too? i’m open to any physical, mental, or spiritual ideas, thanks

    • Hi mr_x,

      Sleep paralysis is pretty common with all people of all ages, so alone, it doesn’t point to anything wrong. However, you seem to have been perceiving a lot of different visual stimuli that could be pretty much hallucinations.

      If that’s bothering you, and, given that your mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had a similar history, I think it would be a very good idea to pay a visit to a psychiatrist. They can rule out any psychiatric disease that you might have, so you can know for sure if there’s something wrong with you or if it’s just unexplained visual stimuli that can be filed under the paranormal category.

      There’s nothing wrong with having a psychiatric disease, so don’t be disturbed or ashamed or anything like that.

      Hope that helps.

      • its hard to not be disturbed when everyone is saying they believe its demonic visitations

        i have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow… i’ll bring it up, thanks for replying

        • I assume you’re mr_x, right?

          Hallucinations are NOT demonic visitations. They are merely products of one’s own mind.

          So, I didn’t mean it was demonic visitations. But from your story and your mother’s history, I could tell it could be hallucinations originating from your mind. It still could be not. I’m glad you will be visiting a psychologist. Only they can tell if you have hallucinations or not, but I don’t think anyone can tell for sure if someone’s having demonic visitations; these, like shadow men, are filed under the paranormal category which for now we can never prove.

          Good luck.

  84. I was hiding in my grandma’s attic and talking with my sister, I look down, climb down talking to my great aunt who’s making up the couch to sleep on, I hear her but don’t hear her, we talk about closing the auto shop doors, as I walk I’m then standing alone in the large empty shop staring down the long driveway out in the country, I start running, I fell someone watching me, as I’m running someone comes running towards me from the front yard off to my right as I run, I’m attacked by a shadow person who knocks me toward the ground I see in the starlight/ little bit of yard light by the shop, in his hand is something shiny, he cuts my throat the cut is burning, I wake up terrified. Please help me what’s this mean?

  85. Anyone had encounters with a shadow but also heard loud disembodied hissing from time to time? I had experienced an entity when i was 9-16 years old that would hiss loudly from time to time. 3 or 4 consecutive hisses and it would stop and come back a week or 2 later. The hissing sounds like it could be coming from a being with large powerful lungs (assuming its a humanoid that has lungs). I don’t think a normal human being could reproduce this particular sound. I’ve grown up with paranormal happenings and when I was experiencing this particular hissing entity I had many episodes of sleep paralysis. I could remember 2 particular times when it felt like something was poking my body with some kind of electric shock during which I could not move and could barely breathe. All my sleep paralysis episodes were motionless with not being able to breathe. I saw the hat-man shadow entity in a dream long before I knew about shadow people and this was in the early 90’s too. One other thing, my sibling also heard the hissing entity with me multiple times and my parent one heard it one time as well.


  86. I am a 35 year-old male from the Philippines. My sleep paralysis dream happened around 1989-1990 when I was still in high school. In the dream, I was tied up in a straight-jacket lying on a bed in a dark square room. But there was light emanating from the part where the floor meets the walls. Then a dark, shadowy figure of a man wearing a trench coat enters the room.
    This man slowly approaches me and whispers in my ear, “The time is ssooonnn… the time is sssooonnn…”
    I couldn`t move and I was experiencing a tightness in the chest with shortness of breath. Then I woke up. Here comes the weird part, I can still clearly hear the shadow man say “The time is ssooonnn…” for one last time AFTER I WOKE UP. And there was nobody around. I woke up daytime.

  87. On a separate incident, still in the same condominium unit, I woke up at the dead of night. Everyone was asleep. My attention turns to my black raincoat hung on the wall. I was just awake, staring at it. Slowly it takes shape, into a trench coat wearing man, with a dark face and the eyes started glowing. I was scared! I was horrified! I could not believe it! I`m not on drugs and I was not drunk! The clothes hanging on the wall slowly took the form of a shadow man! What was most terrifying was the angry expression on the face of this shadow man! And he was looking straight back at me! I stiffened-up! The adrenaline rushed through my blood and to my head! All hairs standing on me! He looks like he`s going to jump on me and attack me! But slowly, the shadow man disappeared and returned to being clothes hung on the wall. I repeat, this was not a dream. I was wide awake. It took a while before I was able to sleep again.
    What followed in the later part of my life was extreme hardship, poverty and bad luck. It was like as if seeing the shadow man heralded the bad things that were to come in my life. Sleep deprivation is a kind of torture.

  88. I had a dream with a shadow person and a man trying to stab me to death….I ran to a house with an elderly couple. The house caught fire they accidentally put an accelerant on it…I ran to a bed room got on top of a dresser and two soulless children came in to get me. I was already scared but after the children i was so terrified i came awake. When i drifted back asleep a voice said come…needless to say i could not go back asleep. When awake it felt like someone was in the room with me. Im not on any meds but i do hear and see spirits.

  89. My older brother has seen these shadow people at his old home. He moved across the street to a new home and these shadows followed him to the new home. What scares me is that I have seen these things twice in my own home. Once when I was half awake/half asleep. It was in the dark. The only light in the room was from my vcr/dvd player. It dimly illumintated the room enough for me to see this shadow form creeping up to me. Scared me so much, I forced myself to fall asleep. Second time was also at night. Lights were on in the house. I was heading back to my room to watch some movies. I had some snacks and a drink in my hands, when I was heading back I saw a shadow run away from me. The first thing that came to mind was that I had an intruder in my house. I thought someone climbed in the window and was stealing and that I glimpsed his shadow. I ran back to the kitchen to grab a butcher knife. I go back and the room is empty. The kitchen and my room are connected by a hallway. There was no way anyone or anything passed by me without me seeing him or it. The windows were locked. The other night I dreamt of these shadow people. And just a while ago, I heard a whisper. It was my name that was whispered out softly. I have a switchblade here with me but I doubt that will do anything to these things. They have never done anything to me nor my family but damn, these things are scary as hell. I want to know what the hell they are and how to get rid of them.

  90. Hi, um, I was just wanting to know what it means when you have a realistic dream of shadow people and animals. Cause I have them like once a week, and I can feel them, and the enviornment sometimes. And they scare me to the point of waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep. More the animals than the people. Am I just feeling something that’s not there?

  91. I`ve experienced these shadow people about eight years ago. They just looked like shadows on the walls – I remember that they moved as if they were pacing. I just thought I was having strange a dream but then my sisters started talking about it a few years later.

    They were in my room with the lights off and they say they could n `t sleep. Then the youngest (Micaela) saw a strange shadow on the wall and told my other sister (Shandra) . They describe it looked totally black with no face, it looked skeletal and moved as if was made of jelly.

    My youngest sister says she wasn`t scared (I so don`t believe her!) and turned on the light. The shadow vanished into thin air and they told us the next day. I have a very logical mind but I`m beginning to think that there might be things that science can`t explain.

    Carmen Dominiques
  92. I have just read some of the comments about not supposed show fear because they feed on it. I am so going to ask my sister if she has experienced any other shadow beings.

    Carmen Dominiques
  93. Hi guys!

    Such a large amount of accounts on Shadow people is surprising! I didn’t really know about shadow people before finding this page and had previously considered anything like this to be a demon.
    The account I have to give is actually of a friend of mine. Ive known him for around 2 years and in this time we’ve come to know each other very well.
    During this time we’ve done lots of stuff paranormal related, watching Ghost Adventures and even following a local ghost hunting group.

    But out of all our talking about stuff paranormal the one account that sticks out in my mind is his of a ‘shadow person’.

    The account is as follows: (A=my friend, B= one of A’s friends at the time)
    A and B are hanging out at B’s house and are both about 10-12 years old. While they are playing downstairs a shadowy thing with red eyes reaches out along a wall. Both kids are terrified and go running to B’s parents room. The parents don’t believe them but both kids remain terrified.
    I don’t know about B but I know A (my friend) defines this as the single event that convinced him that the paranormal is real.

  94. I was reading some of the accounts here, as I did a Google search to get some answers. Some of the things I have read here are very interesting. I am sorry to the people who have seen these things in real life… I cannot imagine how scary that is.

    I personally used to have dreams about these shadowy people as a young child. It was always the same reoccurred dream, though. I was always at my grandparents house, on one of the acres of their property playing when these shadow men would march out of the woods and come for me.

    These people had no facial features, hood hooded heads and bodies, and they were dark and shadowy, but they were kind of transparent.

    I would run like all Hell towards my Grandparents door, because I knew if I didn’t and they toughed me, I would be paralyzed and unable to scream. As soon as they caught up to me and grabbed me, I would be unable to move or speak and they would drag me off into the woods. I wood always wake up once I reached the edge of the woods. I would be sweating, stiff, and sore as Hell.

    I have not dreamed of these beings in years, but I was just wondering if anyone else had dreams similar to mine and what everyone who has had these similar dreams thought these beings were.

  95. I am very curious, for some time now, since I was eight years old. I used to get dreams of small little things, and when I am awake the feeling I had in a dream would physically be when I am awake. Usually when I would get certain strong feelings something depending it would happen. But for the last five years, I’ve been having a dream, not touching me physically cause I am always aware it is a dream, but what gets me is I can describe everything around me, but the person I sometimes see who is made very obvious as my lover of sort is always like a shadow person, yet not. I can see everything with this person but his face, or expression. I can see his clothing, skin, hair, and hear his voice very clearly, but his face always remains the same…I don’t understand it, but it don’t hurt to ask if anyone might know?

  96. they arnt real

  97. I’m a 37 year old mom I’ve lived in my home for 7 yrs I too since the first day I moved into my home I’ve seen the shadow ppl, over time my 3 kids have also seen them. I have never told my kids of what I’ve seen. One by one they came to me in fear of what they saw, always in are living room and when you r alone are they seen. Mostly at nite but my 13 year old daughter has seen them in bright day light and many at a time. Mosty when u see them they run scatter and hide. We have had a lot of tvs radios, lights going hay wire aswell. On a few occations I’ve heard loud thumps frm are kitchen, which is next to the living room. Iam a born again believer, when we have said go in the name of jesus is leaves and stays gone for quite a while, we have learned that prayer or praying over ur home room or person really doesn’t help. My 13 year old was cleaning one day and she have christian music playing when she wud turn the station to secular music they wud come out but when she switched back to christian they wud run and hide. That seems to have a strong affect on them hope this helps. Leslie

    • “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Luke 10:19
      Everything is going to be all right.

  98. I’m wondering if Dr. Haisook is still tuning into this blog…I love that you’ve been actively responding and commenting for several years on this subject, and am curious as to what exactly your motivation is behind weighing in. I haven’t quite decided whether or not you’re completely on the fence regarding these experiences as based on your commentary, so I’ll directly ask, What have you decided to be fact and fiction when addressing subjects who claim to have had shadow experiences?

    • Hi Michael.

      Yeah, I’m still here! This blog is like home to me, so I’m always here. Well, you’re curious why I’m interested in this subject. It all started when I read a novel about those beings; it was interesting, and I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. So, I just posted this little entry, not expecting much, but surprisingly a lot of people came with many experiences pouring in. I never thought so many people would have experienced those beings. I’ve never witnessed this phenomenon myself. But I had many instances of Sleep Paralysis when I was a teenager, and it scared me to death. However, when I learned that there’s scientific basis to it, no longer would it be frightening to me. So, although I believe that there might be things we don’t understand how they happen, there might be explanations somewhere. The phenomenon of Shadow People is no exception. There are some explanations that you can read about in Wikipedia, but they’re not yet conclusive.

      As a medical student, when people talk to me about seeing such beings, I also tend to think of “hallucinations” or “illusions“, though it might not be the case; just a possibility. So in my comments, I try to ask people questions whose answers may give clues as to whether this is a psychiatric disorder or not. Sleep Paralysis is also associated with hallucinations and illusions, so I try to rule it out. After ruling out all possible causes, I can say this – for now – is a genuine encounter with Shadow People.

      So in short, my motivation for commenting is being really interested in this subject (after seeing all those experiences), not for scientific or medical purposes. I’m not here to debunk the phenomenon. Still I can’t accept it blindly. I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything has an explanation. When no explanations can be found, I don’t deny the phenomenon yet, because I know that there are things we just can’t explain, even in a rigid science like Medicine.

      • How amazing is the entire human body! How amazing could be to understand everything inside and outside it.
        “(…) clothe me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews?” “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

      • Just to add my ‘two pennyworth’ to ‘shadow men’. I’m 66 years old now and together with my elder sister, sadly now deceased, both had a vivid experience of such as children. We were two of five siblings, I was about 10 years old at the time and my sister 12 years plus. We all lived very happily in a large three storied house in a suberb of Liverpool, England along with our parents, my mother’s uncle whom we called Grandpa, and his wife.

        One unforgettable day, during late morning, my sister and I were standing on the stair landing of the second story talking kids talk about everything and nothing. I had in my hand a child’s 1950’s style plastic pen (the kind that you had to insert a nib into, remember those?) It was white and pink in a kind of marbled pattern. I add this just to emphasize my vivid recollection of the scene. At some point I placed this pen upon the flat top of the banister rail while we continued to chat.

        Quite suddenly, through the stair case from the hallway below, there rose a perfect black humanoid shape that years later later we could best describe as a three dimensional shadow, not a flat shadow cast on the stair wall by the light from a nearby window but separated in free space. It continued its upward rise, into the plastered underside of the staircase that led up to the third story until the legs and feet all disappeared entirely up into what we called the attic area. Immediately after this the pen I had placed on the banister rail raised itself into the air in front of us, moved sideways and dropped to the hallway below.

        We recalled no sense of evil or menace during these events, simply a child’s wonder and acceptance of things ‘magical’ that caused us to simply look at each other in awe, before both fleeing down stairs to the ground floor screaming “Ma! Ma! there’s a black man” in the attic”. We were so insistent upon our experience that Grandpa, brandishing his walking stick, laboriously followed our youthful dash back up the whole three stories to the top attic to hunt for this black intruder! Needles to say nothing was found and we were lucky to escape being spanked for our story!

        Even before this very real experience though, my elder brother (by then a ‘grown up of 14 or so) had also intuited the attic area with a mixture of pleasure and dread. Our dad had made a playroom up there for us, with a swing, a rocking horse, and other games where we spent many happy times, yet collectively and individually we recall how sometimes our fun would fall silent at some presence, a command even, to “Get Out, you’re intruding” This may have been mere suggestibility from one young mind to another but was nevertheless overwhelming and we’d take to the stairs, five at a time, for the ground floor and normalcy. This same experience continued well into our late teens myself, even now, having the occasional skin prickling nightmares set in that same attic.

        For what it’s worth, I’m a retired engineer with a logical, scientific mind and rarely given to flights of fancy! But I suspect strongly that there are more things in this existence that are dreamed of in our philosophy.

        Just sharing some views on this subject πŸ™‚

  99. Very odd… last night I dreamt someone was whispering in my ear. The voice was very calming and soothing, trying to convince me of something I didn’t want to do. In my dream i shouted no and sat up in bed, and to my surprise to the right of me by my bedside was what I would call a shadowman. It was a person in shape, but black like a shadow. No visible features. It was bent over when I had been laying and seemed to be surprised by me sitting up, and suddenly it vanished. I was not afraid of it though, just surprised.Thinking I was still dreaming I laid back down, shortly after I rolled over and saw my husband laying there with the shadow man crouching on his chest. It had it’s hands on his mouth trying to climb inside him. I sat up and realized I was not dreaming. It disapeared when I shook my husband awake. I have never seen anything like this, but my kids, a few years back have told me about what they call “walking shadows”. They said they have seen them at night and in the day. I’m really not sure what to think… except maybe I needed a trip to the looney bin.

  100. The silence on this site is deafening….

  101. Nothing derogatory, drhaisook, I assure you! Simply that I’d hoped there might have been more recent and active interest upon the subject of ‘Shadow People’ than seems to be happening lately! Keep up the nice work and thank you for your reply! πŸ™‚

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