Samsung X820, the Slimmest phone ever!   8 comments

As thick as 6.9 mm @ 66 gm, incorporating Bluetooth, Edge, and to whom it might concern, a 2 MP camera – Need I say more..?!!

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Samsung X820 – Full phone specifications
GSMArena’s Samsung X820 in-depth review


Posted August 19, 2006 by H. H. in Technology

8 responses to “Samsung X820, the Slimmest phone ever!

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  1. I want one of those……. *stares dreamily*

  2. /me wonders why it wont break in my hands, looks wafer crisp 😀

  3. It looks like a total ripoff of the Motorola L6!!

  4. I do own the Motorola L6, and well….. this is not really a TOTAL rip-off, I guess. Even the colors are different! As to the tiny thickness, they both share a bit of it, but this is much thinner.

  5. Hmm, alright, I trust you 🙂 But one must admit, the idea did come from Motorola first… always being the pioneers that they are!

  6. Samsung x820, Samsung D900 and Samsung E900 are all rolling the world. They have taken over the mobile market. The slim body of samsung x820 is most attractive part of the phone and added to its popularity

  7. I own a X820 and its way better than the L6 I used to have!
    If your lookin for a slim allround phone, this probably is the best choice!

  8. Granted the X820 is superior feature-wise. May be my next phone is going to be it… who knows 🙂

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