Sennheiser MX 51 First Impressions   7 comments

A pair of Sennheiser earbuds that I’ve bought recently. Great bass and surround effects. The earbuds themselves are a bit on the large side especially if the cloth covers are used, but may be I have small ears. Comes with an attractive carrying case. Would’ve liked it a bit more larger though. I have to compress them pretty hard to get them in. Using it on a Palm Tungsten E2.


Posted September 6, 2006 by H. H. in Music, Technology

7 responses to “Sennheiser MX 51 First Impressions

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  1. hi there, i have the same earphones, an ive had them now for about 2 months, they r great!, theres almost no distortion and theres great bass and treble, however i do have to stress the fact that these earphones are quite brittle and dont like being thrown about or bended hard (the wire that is), the plastic casing around the wire has started to crack in some places, exposing the metal wires. this is deeply worrying for me and i dont know whether the warrenty will cover it, so as a temporary solution im using sticky tape.
    take care 🙂

  2. Hi preet,

    Glad you like your Senn’s. As to the exposure thing, I think it’s common in any wire covered with plastic. So taking care of one’s stuff is always a good idea.

  3. yeah it is, although if i were u id stick away from the provided case, as it bends the wire a lot

  4. I’ve ordered the MXL-51 Street (the necklace version of the MX-51 Street) especially to solve this problem of brittleness. The fact that they are “necklaced” doesn’t oblige me to bend them and consequently the cables are less exposed to a possible deterioration! for few more bucks (euros in fact, yes i’m french 🙂 ) … I especially chose these because there was a “extension cable” of 1 meter, since I am a big (and heavy!) Sony NW-HD5, I cannot fix it at the little string, and the extension cable will be used to listen to it even if it is in my pocket.

    I expect much sound quality from these earphones especially for treble, I hope I won’t be disappointed …

  5. You won’t be disappointed. Senn is great.

  6. I’m sick of the cable! I just went down buying the MX 51 Street model because my MX 75 Sport which I bought 2 months ago made me go crazy with its cable coiling all over. The MX 51 Street cable is exactly the same! Quite interesting how beautifully organized it looks on the Sennheiser website… Sennheiser is my absolute favorite when it comes to sound (MX 75 Sport has MUCH more low bass than the MX 51; the MX 51 seems to reproduce 130+ Hz) but the cable is VERY disappointing. Especially if you payed for it mainly to get rid of this issue once and for all.

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