New Palm™ handhelds on the way?   1 comment

There are currently many rumors, more than any time before, about new Palm handhlds hitting the market soon. Palm, who hasn’t released any new handhelds in more than a year, is expected to release 2 or 3 handhelds, or at least announce them, in the next month, Nov 2006. However, the new handhelds aren’t expected to sport any revolutionary features other than increased built-in storage. They will run the same Palm OS Garnet, but maybe with a few enhancements.
Being much more focused on smartphones, the Treo 680 being the last released, in the past year, Palm has let many avid handheld fans down.
Only time is going to tell whether those new models are to live to the expectations or not. And I guess they will, given that Palm has definitely learned from their mistakes, so perfeced devices are now more likely to come true than any time before.


Posted October 19, 2006 by H. H. in Palm, Technology

One response to “New Palm™ handhelds on the way?

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  1. u really are a palmtop fan

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