Sony® Portable Reader System (PRS-500)   Leave a comment

The Sony Reader PRS-500 is a breaktrhough because it sports an all-new display technology called e Ink® (or electronic ink). That display, according to is about the following:

Instead of rows of glowing cells, e Ink® microcapsules actually appear as either black or white depending on a positive or negative charge determined by the content. The result is a reading experience that’s similar to paper – high contrast, high resolution, viewable in direct sunlight and at a nearly 180-degree angle, and requiring no power to maintain the image.

Such display is strikingly similar to a real book. Retailing for around $350, the Sony Reader is considered a bargain if you’re a big book-fan. Plus, electronic books are sold for very low prices at the Sony CONNECT store. The Da Vinci Code, for instance, is being sold for only $5.59.

But beware! The display is not back-illuminated. You’ll need a well-lit room, or at least a desktop illumination, in order to be able to read easily. Why not,… isn’t it supposed to be a… book?!

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