Thought Manager for Palm OS   6 comments

Thought Manager is an application for the Palm OS for managing and sketching one’s thoughts and plans.

This is an example of a subject revision schedule.

You can create as many items as you like as well as subitems. You can choose numeric or alphabetic, or no numbering. As you proceed though the revision, you mark what you’ve finished as done. When all subitems are checked, the parent item is automatically checked as well. You can assign a note or/and a drawing to each item or subitem (see screenshot below). You can put items in the blue folder if you can’t think of a suitable place as of yet.

You can categorize your thoughts which are listed on the frontpage. You can also add templates, so that setting up a study schedule is much faster at next times.

This screenshot shows a sketch that I’ve assigned to the item Blood.
As you see, the lines are a bit jaggy, but they do the job. There are colors, squares, circles, point width,…etc

I think Thought Manager is one of the best scheduling applications for Palm OS out there. Much better than Idea Pad. However, the only glitch here is that it doesn’t support OS5 button navigation. Other than this, it’s near perfect.

Know more about Thought Manager…


Posted October 26, 2006 by H. H. in Palm

6 responses to “Thought Manager for Palm OS

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  1. You really are into palmtops

  2. Hmm.. I think you’ve mentioned this before, didn’t you? Thanks anyway.
    And there’s no need to mention it again πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah , but you are too much into it ! Must be using them a lot , eh ?

  4. Yeah, but not because you seem to be into Orkut (or whatever), I have to mention it all the time, right? πŸ™‚

  5. Cool! I wish I had a fancy Palm or smartphone (don’t really know the difference…), but if I did I’d probably get so addicted to it that I’d die if I lost it 😦

  6. Well, Palms are not that expensive. The Z22 costs $99, and the E2, like mine, costs $199. There are more expensive models though. As to losing the thing, why be so pessimistic, Tina? πŸ™‚

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