PalmOne T5 – First Impressions…   5 comments

Yes, I’ve finally got my hands on one T5!

I’ve found that the ROM was already updated, so I just Hotsync’d and everything went fine, except for some apps that did not seem to work, like Switch5 and Sleep OS5. My E2 has gone to my sister, btw

It’s really fast compared to the E2. I load huge applications with no problems at all, and no memory leaks. Web does not crash on start-up as it does on the E2. Overall the thing feels like a real powerhouse even with all my hacks installed.

The screen is obviously dimmer though, and the colors aren’t as vivid. The large display, however, makes a HUGE difference in usability. I’ve noticed that the lowest bottom of the screen is even dimmer — only quite obvious in plain white background. May be it’s just my unit (it’s a second-hand one btw). This makes it a bit annoying in the landscape mode when the bottom becomes the left side.

The DIA is nice because you can see what you’re writing on it. My input suddenly has improved by like 75%!

The built-in 256mb is great. I haven’t bought a card yet, and those are serving me well until then.

Files is good if you need to quickly delete or move a file. I have RescoExplorer installed though. Drive Mode is wonderful, and thus there’s no need for Card Export.

Switching from vertical to landscape view is snappy. Though working in the landscape mode is pretty slower.

The physical build is better than my E2. More solid, and the buttons fit better and do not click loudly.

I’m happy with this purchase actually. The only thing that annoys me is the dimmer lower portion (just at the status bar – not above). It’s not apparent in the vertical view because the darker status bar hides it though it appears in the landscape view when the status bar is switched to the top. I wonder if there’s a hack that makes the status bar stuck at the bottom even when switching to landscape. — That would simply fix my issue. (and yes, the Left-handedness option also shifts the bar to the top).

Hope this would be useful to people who’re thinking about switching (though I know it’s rare to go from an E2 to a T5 these days )…


Posted November 19, 2006 by H. H. in Palm, Technology

5 responses to “PalmOne T5 – First Impressions…

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  1. Oh , come on Doc! We’ve had enough of the palmtops , blog about yourself for a change ! And besides , I have my exams from Wednesday , so wish me luck!!

  2. Well, it’s my OWN blog! Besides, I don’t like to go ranting about myself..!
    Good luck in your exams anyway! 🙂

  3. PalmOne T5- what about battery life ?

  4. Nice first impressions on T5 😉 what is the PalmOS version on your device?

    Comparing with your TE2, I thought that the screen was the same on both devices; the only difference was in the resolution, not saturation or contrast. It’s an issue in your model or do you think that all T5’s have the same screen?

    I’m sorry to know about the dimmer status bar, but I think that “is normal” to find small issues or problems in second hand devices, my Acer have a scratched corner but the previous owner said that was all fine…

    Oh, BTW, I’m c0mpu73r from Brighthand 😉

    Keep up the nice work!

  5. Hi Sandro,

    Yeah, I knew it was you. I know your real name 🙂 — Anyways,

    The OS is 5.4.8; the same one on the T|E2 if I remember correctly.
    The T5’s screen is known to be relatively dim. The T|E2’s is probably the brightest. The issue here is that the lowest cm is even dimmer, and I think that’s an issue with my T5, only. However, overall it’s more ‘blue’ and I like it.

    Yes, you’re right, second hand devices deserve not to worry about such glitches. I bought this one for a really low price. It was such a good bargain. The E2 costed me more.

    Only the days will tell what the next great PDA for me is 🙂

    Thanks for posting in my blog!

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