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I’m currently playing some good ol’ Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) and Nintendo 64 games on my PC. Yes, I’m running the ROMs (Game Sources) on specially designed emulators. Bear in mind that owning ROMs of Games you don’t own is officially illegal.

  • For Genesis games, I use Gens, acclaimed to be the best among Genesis emulators. There’s Gens Plus, but I haven’t tried it actually. Below is a screenshot from within The Lion King game, my favorite Genesis game. Advantage here is that you can save states anytime, a feature I used to miss in Genesis console. Now I think I can finish this game!

  • While for Nintendo 64 games, I use Project 64. It’s a great little program. I’m currently playing Super Mario 64, the 3D platformer known by many critics to be one of the best game of all times, and Yoshi’s Story (a cute game). Below is a screenshot from within Super Mario 64, just before he enters the Princess’s castle.

You can google both of those emulators. They’re freeware.

Now all that is cool, I hear you saying, but where can I get the games from?
…well, there are public games available if you searched, but also, there are several sites featuring full archives of games, which are considered by many to be illegal. Since it’s clear, it’s only illegal if you don’t own the game (in cartridge or CD).

So here’s a Russian website with nearly all ROMs you’d need.
But remember, only download ROMs of games you own or have owned. Otherwise, it’d be illegal!


Posted December 10, 2006 by H. H. in Fun, Technology, Video Games

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