Sennheiser MX 55 VC Street Earbuds (MX55) Quick Review   4 comments

Sennheiser MX 55 VC earbuds are from the Street series from Sennheiser.

The earbuds were tested in AeroPlayer v5.4 in a Palm Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2, and Sony PSP.

They offer an even enhanced bass response, volume controller, and most importantly a Twist-to-Fit mechanism for an optimal fit. They also come with a carrying pad made of a synthetic cloth material, and many accessories.

Carrying case closed Carrying case closed 2 Carrying case opened Carrying case wide open

They sound great and the bass response is perfect, as is usual with Sennheiser phones.

Now to the Twist-to-Fit thing;

Our main hero

Each of the buds has a smaller circular piece of rubber above it which, according to Sennheiser, fixes itself onto the inner part of the ear lobule to enhance sound isolation and fitting, especially if you’re jogging or just walking down a busy street.
I’ve found that the mechanism does work as advertized, and is comfortable, unlike what I had thought of before buying the phones. You just need to push the buds into your ears, and twist it back and forth, in order to get the rubber thing in place. Sounds complicated, but it’s not at all in reality. It just takes a couple of seconds to put them on.

Many accessory bud rubbers,..etc
Many accessories including; extra side pieces in bronze color (original ones are silver), extra rubber pieces in difference sizes, and extra bases for the buds themselves.

The inline Volume Controller

Inline volume controller
The inline Volume Controller is a nice extra, but it’s not perfect. Its surface is so smooth; moreover, it’s so sensitive, so it makes controlling the volume a bit unprecise. You end up going all the way up or all the way down.


Posted January 3, 2007 by H. H. in Music, Technology

4 responses to “Sennheiser MX 55 VC Street Earbuds (MX55) Quick Review

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  1. I’ve been looking for these somewhere they will ship to Canada. Any ideas?

  2. Hmm.. not sure.
    But what about ebay, amazon,…etc?

    They’re supposed to be at most electronic outlets in Canada.
    Pay a big store a visit and you might find them..

  3. Anyways, I hear they are a bit off when used somewhere noisy. Any opinions, self experiences perhaps?

  4. Hi Annie. Haven’t used them in a noisy place actually. But overall, this is the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever used. Well worth their price. The rubber hinge at the top of the buds do help keep them tight and in place; I think this would help eliminate external noise to some degree.

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