Use Your Palm To The Extreme (in 8 easy steps!)   5 comments

Palms are very powerful devices despite being so easy and simple to operate. Many users, however, underestimate or just ignore the power of their Palms; using them just as basic PIM machines.

That’s one mistake from Palm, inc. as well. They advertised Palm devices as being very simple in order to diverge from the relatively complicated world of Windows-operated devices and thus they would appeal to beginners. In fact, Palms can do everything Windows-operated devices do (except multitasking, which is having more than one application running at the same time and switching between them). But unfortunately, Palms come with low quality applications (except the excellent PIM ones) especially when it comes to Multimedia e.g. the built-in Media application is very slow.

So now that you own a Palm device, you may ask yourself: how can I get the most out of it? First off, you will need to purchase some software. Keep that in mind. If you’re not that interested in spending, there could be a few free applications that I will talk about.

Below I’ve listed the most recommended applications for Palm OS based on my 2-year experience and on other people’s in a beginner-friendly manner.

P.S. Most of those applications are targeted to Palm OS 5 – operated devices (i.e. device like T3, T5, TX, E2, Z22, TX, Treo 650, 680, or Lifedrive). If you own a different device, check compatibility first before installing any of the software.

  1. Get a 3rd party Launcher
    Launchers are applications that organize other applications in categories or the like, and make opening them much easier.
    Recommended: AppShelf
  2. Get your multimedia package
    In order to view photos, watch movies, and play music, you will need 2 or 3 applications.
    : Resco Photo Viewer , TCPMP (free – also plays music), AeroPlayer
  3. Replace those ugly Palm fonts by smaller and cleaner fonts
    You may use the very popular FontSmoother (payware, but easier to use) or the free YAHM + FontHackV combo.
  4. Make your own color themes
    If you get bored easily with Palm’s preset color themes, well… make your own ones and customize every single color!
    Recommended: Colorize (free!)
  5. Get a File Explorer
    In order to be able to view and manage installed files on your handheld, you need a decent file explorer.
    : FileZ (free), Resco Explorer (payware)
  6. Get a Card Reader
    Transferring big data (e.g. music and movies), Palm Quick Install is not quick at all. Besides, it doesn’t give you the option to choose what folders to install to. With a card reader, transferring such files is a breeze, and with complete management of folders.
    Recommended: Card Export 2
  7. Use Desktop Accessories (DAs)
    DAs are tiny applications that can be executed from within any other application using what’s known as a DA Launcher. They’re handy when it comes to calculating a quick math thing or copying/pasting without quitting the main application.
    Recommended: DA LauncherFree DAs
  8. Do regular backups of your Palm If you’re using a recent Palm OS 5 device (i.e. T5, E2, Z22, TX, LifeDrive, Treo 650, or 680 – Not the T3) that are powered by a type of memory management known as NVFS, backing up your data is really important. The usual HotSync does not back up everything, so there comes a great free application by A. Pruss for that reason.
    Recommended: NVBackup

I hope this would be useful to every Palm owner.


Posted May 7, 2007 by H. H. in Articles, Favorite Posts, Palm, Technology

5 responses to “Use Your Palm To The Extreme (in 8 easy steps!)

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  1. that’s not taking a palm to the extreme…

    you’re missing LOTS of things (ie. why not replace the pixelated graphics with fully animated high-end skins, instead of just changing the colors :-).. and not all of those apps are the best (ie. Card Reader is MUCH faster and complete than Card Export)

  2. Hi there,

    System speed and stability had been put in consideration when I wrote this article. From my experience, such apps – which ‘skin’ the OS with high quality images – are cool, but not practical. System speed becomes much slower and regular crashes become more common when such skins are on.

    I’m not listing the best/complete apps here. Zlauncher is more packed/complete than AppShelf, for instance, but the latter is much more stable.

  3. I cannot figure out how to launch DALauncher from my Treo 650. I e-mailed hacker dude and have not received reply. Do you or anyone else know a way?

    I have tried McPhling, but I do not wish to pay to register. I also did not find the program intuitive to operate.

    I am using PetitLaunch now, but would also like to try DALauncher.

  4. Hi Bill,

    On a Palm with an input area (the one you write on under the screen), launching DALauncher is done by making a slash-like move ( / ) from down upwards. This shows the taskbar where an icon with the letters ‘DA’ appears (beside the usual copy, paste,..etc icons).

    Not sure how to trigger that on Treo since there isn’t an input area (replaced by the keyboard). But if you know how to get it to show up, DALauncher will be there.

    If you still can’t work it out, head over to Brighthand forums for further help.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Great advice. Much appreciated!

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