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This site was based off the 2 year diary of a real life Schizophrenic, James Caldwell. His True Diary of Psychological Episodes takes you along the journey of a mad man who struggles to get stabilized on medicine. His diaries of psychosis talk about everything he was hearing, tasting, smelling, and seeing during these encounters at the time, Hallucinating. He will take you through his fears, thoughts, and feelings. His original handwritten notebook has been transcribed to digital.


We wanted to include other true stories of Schizophrenia suffering, and recovery as well as various Schizophrenia resources on this webpage. We have also made it possible for Schizophrenics to submit their own stories to add to the site for the purpose of helping others with this mental illness.

Head to for interesting true stories about Schizophrenia. You can even submit your own!


Posted June 3, 2007 by H. H. in Articles, Medicine, Paranormal

2 responses to “Schizophrenia Diaries

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  1. I followed this site from your comment about USMLE Prep at the rumors were true. I am also a non-US med grad preparing for Step 1. I’m always queasy about what review books to narrow down to. Currently, I’m using Kaplan lecture Notes, Videos and First Aid. Further on in your personal experience (like your score, study plan, etc…), did you have to add more review book series or these 3 worked great for you? Thanks!

  2. hi there!

    I haven’t started to seriously prepare yet, but from what I’ve learnt, those 3 sources are very enough. Some studensts prefer to add Goljan and BRS notes to their inventory. I haven’t personally checked them out, but many people say they are great.

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