Patapon for PSP — Early Info   2 comments

Patapon, by SCEA, is a PSP game to be released in Feb 2008. Its genre is along the line of LocoRoco, a previous successful game by SCEA.

In a two-dimensional environment, the player controls an army of miniature creatures by pressing buttons in time to create a rhythm, much like a drum would be used keep a human army marching as a single entity, or to scare an enemy.
From Wikipedia

Here is a gameplay how-to.. looks nice, eh?

Huge amounts of info, pics, teasers, videos, and themes can be found on that Playstation Portable thread by PSP_Scientist.


Posted January 2, 2008 by H. H. in PSP, Technology, Video Games

2 responses to “Patapon for PSP — Early Info

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  1. thats cool!

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