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Well, this is kind of late, but I’ve just watched the movie on DVD, since I haven’t had the chance to watch it in theater. If you’re thinking about getting the DVD, kindly read on. This quick review will give you an idea about the film, especially its artistic appeal.


People and critics have crossing opinions about the film. Some praise it, and some discredit it. In fact, those who didn’t like it are those who expected it to be anything other than an animated graphic novel. It’s not about the plot, the characters, or depth. It’s just a comic book that was given a breath of life.

Breath-taking scenes like this one constitute the main ‘glory’ of the film. As you’ve probably already noticed, a comic-like type of visuals was intended.

Lots of images and comments follow…

PLOT SUMMARY (no spoilers)

Leonidas, king of Sparta decides to go out to fight the Persians with only his guard soldiers who make a mere number of 300 because the Oracle – the land’s prophecy center – refuses to let the whole army go to war. With those 300, and a few others who join him from other tribes, Leonidas will battle against thousands of Persians.


As mentioned earlier, the director, Zack Snyder, chose a comic-book theme to the whole film. Every scene is very well shot, with breath-taking backgrounds and remarkable stances. The visuals are dark, with heavy tones of beige and orange.

Extra care was taken to render each scene as artistic as possible.

The battle scenes were the first in the film industry to show close-ups of beheading, cutting, and slashing of soldiers in a spectacularly detailed visuals, with zooming and camera-rotating.

Can you see the blood?


I thought the dialogue to be cheesy with lots of “We’re heroes, let’s kill them all, let’s march to glory,..etc” but then I remembered that the film is just a comic book adaptation, and in a comic book it’s usual – even fundamental – to use such exaggerated dialogue, a lot.

Captain Artemis weeps over his dead young son, Astinos.

However, there are scenes of genuine acting. There are a couple that worth mentioning; the scene when Captain Artemis witnesses the death of his young son, and that of King Leonidas when all his soldiers were killed.

King Leonidas tearfully remembers his wife before he dies.


The music combines heavy metal and ancient traditional Greek music, adding to the adrenalin-pumping action of the film in a spectacular blend.




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