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This drawing was highly inspired by two great Japanese Sony PSP video games namely EXIT [link] and Mugen Kairou (or Echochrome) [link] . It all started as a single panel where I tried to draw minute mannequins similar to those in Mugen Kairou. After drawing the 5 guys you see above, it looked a bit like Mr ESC and his companions standing in line behind him. I drew the spider and a web below him on the ground where a modified dumb version of Mr ESC would guide his companions right into the web in a simple parody. Then I thought the idea was silly, and somehow I got inspired by Mugen Kairou again to induce an impossible track through which the guys would use and end up in the panel ABOVE the spider, instead of below it. At such case, the superhero would be able to blow the spider up from above, and then using a similar track, the group would be able to descend back to the previous panel where the EXIT door lies. The idea was interesting to me, and so I worked on 4 more panels ending up with this drawing/illustration.

View the whole comic strip and more description on my DeviantART page.


Posted March 29, 2008 by H. H. in Art, Digital Art, Fun, PSP, Video Games

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