Icons for PSP Emulators v1   Leave a comment

PSP icons

Here are a few icons for those running custom firmware on their Sony PSPs and using such emulators for earlier video game consoles. I wanted them to be as simple as possible yet distinctive. They look very nice on the PSP especially with a black/dark background set.

If you would like an icon for another system/emulator, just give me a note and I’ll make it for you.

Here’s the download link (if the link expired, just comment here and I’ll re-upload the file): [link]

To apply those icons, install the emulators normally first (if they’re not already installed), and use a program like PSPContentManager [link] to apply the icons (browse to 3.80 M33 tab, right-click on the emulator name, click EDIT, and browse for the icon).

Want to post them in your website or forum? You’re free to do so, but please give me credit and a link!

Hope you like them!


Posted April 28, 2008 by H. H. in Digital Art, PSP, Video Games

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