We’re Playing Doctors!   2 comments

A few transcripts from an interesting article about medical training in Egypt and its numerous defects, that made me think; Are we playing doctors or what?

Despite attempts on the part of the Doctors Syndicate, the number of medical school students continues to explode, leading to an oversupply of untrained and ill-experienced doctors

During our internships, we are broken into groups and are supposed to shadow doctors, but because the number of students in the groups is usually very high, often many students don’t show up and the doctors don’t care, explains Dr. Adham Aboul Fotouh. This means that you can graduate but you haven’t fulfilled the practical part.

This is where the problem begins, says Dr. Mohamed Shaalan. If you are among the top 100 students in your class, then you are selected to be a tutor within your school. This is something reserved for the precious few. As for the rest of the students, they have a huge personal burden they have to carry.

So till when is the situation going to remain like that? We’re not talking about how expensive bread is, or how crowded transportation has become. We’re talking about human lives. We’re talking about the divine and holy profession of Medicine, a profession which should not be treated this way.

Read the whole article (Playing Doctor) at Business Today Egypt


Posted June 11, 2008 by H. H. in Corruption, Egypt, Medicine, Thoughts

2 responses to “We’re Playing Doctors!

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  1. Though it hurts, thanks for sharing the article.

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