Medical Students and Video Games   Leave a comment

Theme Hospital is a simulation computer game about managing a hospital.

Fact: I play video games a lot. I think they’re a great type of entertainment in spare time. Not only do they offer an interactive experience not found in movies for instance, but they also sharpen one’s wits and enhances the sense of challange. I mostly like strategy, puzzle, and racing games. I also like simulation games like the Sims, or tycoon games because of the micromanagement found in such games. Many games require heavy dedication and long playing times; these games are time-killers, so I usually avoid them.

My current system of gaming is the portable Sony PSP which is very accessible everywhere and anytime. You don’t need a TV anymore. A 5-minute playing session is possible with the Sony PSP.

I wonder if other medical students from all around the world are interested in video games as well or not.


Posted July 29, 2008 by H. H. in Articles, Medicine, Video Games

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