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Artelope V is a flexible, powerful, vector-based sketchpad featuring a seamless mix of text and graphics. It offers shape recognition: Draw any object on the screen, and Artelope will recognize what you’ve drawn and correct it. Lines will be straight, polygons will be clean, circles will be round, curves will be smooth. There’s no need to switch among special tools for special shapes. Plus, as of January 2006, Artelope V is freeware.

* Intelligent, powerful shape recognition lets you draw quickly without changing tools
* Small, transparent, intuitive user interface
* Immense drawing area
* Windows conduit turns drawings into XML Scalable Vector Graphics files on desktop
* Permanently editable text supporting multiple fonts and colors
* Full support for Palm’s global “Find,” making it perfect as an “idea” sketchpad
* Freehand tool offers convenient note taking in your own handwriting
* Tracks each sketch’s creation date and modification date
* Support for Palm OS 5.0 high density devices (such as the Tungsten T)
* Support for minimizing the graffiti area and rotating the screen
* Hideable toolbar for greater drawing space
* Support for 5-way navigation

The screenshot above shows Artelope V index screen which holds upto 6 thumbnails of sketches.

Dr Haisook’s opinion:

I’ve installed and uninstalled this application numerous time. It’s robust, fast, and offers smooth drawing (although non anti-aliased). It offers thumbnails which accurately render the original drawings. It has a Windows conduit, by which all your sketches can be transferred, viewed, and printed on a Windows PC. However, there are still a few glitches here and there. The application opens on the last opened sketch, and not on the main screen where you can view all the sketches. The buttons for color and line thickness needs 2 presses to reach the selection menu. For quick sketching, one-button presses are preferred. The main screen has 6 thumbnails only on one screen. It could take more. Generating the thumbnails is a bit slow as well especially if the sketches are big/complex. But overall, this is a solid application that could be the best color sketching app out there for Palm OS. I personally like how the sketches look very anti-aliased on PC. It makes them look good in a printed form.

Dr Haiook’s tips:

  • After you install the conduit, draw, and then hotsync, the drawing will be in a folder named “Artelope V files” in “My Documents”.
  • The files are in .svg (scalable vector graphics) format. They’re viewable in Mozilla Firefox. They may be viewable in Internet Explorer. If not, download Adobe SVG viewer (free).



Posted September 2, 2008 by H. H. in Articles, Palm, Technology

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