I’m Back   3 comments

Well, I’m finally back.

I’m just a few days away from my final exams. Switching places of studying feels a little weird, but I’m gonna get used to it. So… only one comment on Shadow People and a few spam comments is all what happened?! Guess I wasn’t away for long, then. No wait, WordPress.com has tweaked this theme a little bit. The slogan is now visible at the top. I like that! Thanks WP!


Posted October 8, 2008 by H. H. in My Blog, My Life

3 responses to “I’m Back

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  1. Welcome back. How was your trip?

    You know how you run two separate blogs, the medical blog and this more personal one, I have been thinking of doing the same thing. I didn’t like to clutter things up on my medical blog, so I thought of starting a more personal blog. What do you thinks?

  2. Thanks, YS! It was a good trip.

    As to having 2 separate blogs, one personal and one professional, I think it’s a good idea. Personal stuff always needs a separate place. Not everyone would like to read such things in a dedicated blog. I see you already run several blogs, and so one more won’t hurt, especially if you’re into blogging.

  3. Then thats what ill do.

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