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229 - exit sign

Through reading in random medical blogs and forums, I regularly come across medical professionals – medical students or medical doctors – who decided to quit the profession of medicine. Most of those people give reasons like having been really exhausted in their medical tasks. Some also say they discovered that medicine is not about ‘helping people’; rather, it’s just a tough technical job. And that they did not want to have a lifetime of continuous exhaustion.

It sounds really shocking to see people who had gone through all this long tedious journey quitting the whole thing in a second. And although statistics show that 50% of medical students suffer from burnout, and that 10% have suicidal ideation, it’s still out of question for most people to quit medicine. Not to mention those who had already had a job, medical doctors I mean. Why do they leave it?

Not that I feel like quitting, but from a curious perspective, I wonder how it feels like to go through this. How it feels like quitting medicine. What are the real reasons, and what are those people supposed to do to make a living afterwards?

Has anyone gone through this or know someone who has? Please comment here if so.


Posted November 30, 2008 by H. H. in Medicine

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