Walking In The Middle Of The Street   1 comment


A couple of days back I was on the way to the university hospital in the morning. It had been raining for a couple of days in upper Egypt, and so the streets were pretty wet, and mud was everywhere. The hospital is thankfully around 10 minutes walk from my home, and so I go walking everyday.

That day I had to find a clean path to walk on. The shopkeepers usually use the pavement as a lawful public exhibition for their goods, and so I had to walk by the side of the street. I walked for a few minutes but mud started to become deeper, and so I shifted myself even more outwards. Mud ponds started to become wider as well, so I kept going outwards and outwards and…

And then I realized that I had been walking in the middle of the street!

Cars were moving everywhere around me. I had to cross the street quickly to avoid ending my life. Well, we know there’s no decent sewage systems in Egypt, but at least give us a pavement to walk on, please!


Posted January 1, 2009 by H. H. in Art, Corruption, Egypt, Fun, Thoughts

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  1. lol
    I know exactly what you’re talking about! 😉

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