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An energy vampire or psychic vampire is, by definition, a mythical being said to have the ability to feed off the “life force” of other living creatures.

The legends and spiritual teachings of some cultures refer to people, often given priestly attributes, who manipulate or remove (feed from) the energy of others.

Modern interpretations concluded that such energy vampires may look like normal humans. Anton LaVey, who claimed to have coined the term, used it to mean a spiritually or emotionally weak person who drains vital energy from other people.

It has also been noticed that such definition stemmed from actual vampires, the blood-suckers, and the modern vampire lifestyle. A typical vampire consumes blood not for nutritional needs, but for psychic energy.

After the break, we will know more about how a psychic vampire looks like, how they act, and how the victim is affected.

Many psychic vampires do not know that they are ones. Neither do they know that at a certain moment they were consuming psychic energy from other people. In fact, experts declare that every person has acted as a psychic vampire at some point of their lives.

On the other hand, there are psychic vampires who are well aware of their identity and use their powers to harm others.

In either case, a psychic vampire usually experiences rejection, is fatigued, and needs constant reassurance. The victim is usually a highly sensitive person.

The attack is usually performed subconsciously and without direct contact. Standing near a victim, or talking to them, may trigger a subconscious attack. Some attacks require direct physical contact, like holding the arm in a quarrel.

The victim often feels dizzy, fatigued, and confused immediately after the attack. The symptoms may continue as ongoing headache, depression, and sleep disturbances.

Experts advise victims to be aware of their attackers in the next times in order to limit contact and avoid the attacks. Other recommendations include visualizing a white light, or carrying an amulet.

Have you ever been attacked by a psychic vampire?

Thanks to Wikipedia and for most of the info.
The article was inspired by Dr Ahmed K. Towfik’s story “My Gift” from his novel “The Lost Episodes”.


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  1. Many years ago, I noticed that any close association with a co-worker of mine would leave me feeling depleted and exhausted. We worked together, not in competition. But nonetheless, I always felt drained, even dizzy with fatigue, after conversation.
    When he left the company, I noticed a change. Although his successor was equal in just about every sense, I never again suffered that “mental glycemic plunge” as I did when working with the other guy.

  2. We are among you.

    Are you one of Us?

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