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The PSP has a variety of colors as backgrounds including white, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a real black one. For black color enthusiasts, I present here a small image which can do the trick, and turn the white background into black (like the one shown above). It modifies the other colors as well.

Here’s the image:


I did not make this image. I found it in a random custom theme, so I grabbed it to use it as a standalone item.

How to do it (please read the Note below first):

  1. You must have a M33 custom firmware, not the official one. If you don’t know what custom firmware is, you most likely don’t have it. Know more about it here.
  2. Save the image above as-is to your PC. (right-click on it and choose Save Image As…).
  3. Connect the PSP to PC via USB. Shut down the PSP. Then, turn it on while holding the R button. You’ll go into the M33 Recovery Menu. Choose Advanced, and then choose Toggle USB (flash0).
  4. Browse through the PC explorer into your PSP memory stick. Go to /vsh/resource.
  5. Make sure to copy your original 01-12.bmp to your computer (to a different directory of the saved 01-12.bmp) in case you need to restore it.
  6. Copy the included 01-12.bmp over the original one. Confirm the replacement.
  7. On your PSP choose Toggle USB (flash0) again, and then Back. Then Exit to return to the PSP’s XMB.
  8. Done! You can now go to Settings > Theme Settings > Color, and choose the white icon. The background will be black instead of white! P.S. If you are using firmware 5.00 M33 or a later one, you may need to first go to Settings > Theme Settings > Theme, and choose ‘Classic’.

Note: Please keep in mind that by doing this you’re flashing content on your PSP. Although this process is almost always safe, it may cause issues including bricking your PSP. For this reason, I hold no responsibility for any harm that may happen from using this guide.


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13 responses to “Black XMB Background for Sony PSP

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  1. Hey, I didn’t have a previous 01-12.bmp to copy over. I run 5.00m33-6 atm, I’ll keep at it any help would be apreciated as I’ve wanted to do this forever. Thanks.

  2. Got it had to do this.

    The 01-12.bmp is in that 3 folders. VSH >>> Resource….Go to >>tools (Between “Favorites” and “Help”)>>> folder option >> hidden files and folder >> Show hidden files and folder >> UNMARKED the ” HIDE PROTECTED OPERATION SYSTEM FILE “. Then you will see your 01-12.bmp

  3. Thanks for your input.
    Glad it worked for you.

  4. Where is the image? The 01-12.bmp?

  5. Ahm sir, if it’s okay to you. Can you send a copy of the file to my email?

  6. I know it worked before but not now. When I put save as, it is named i475898_0112. Can you please re-upload the bmp please. also your link says 404 – not found

    • I think it would still work if I use 6.60 ME-1.3. I did the same with another bmp, but it sucks. pleasere-upload, because its uber awesome. YOUR THE MAN!

      • Hi Michael. It seems that the bmp image has been deleted from the web hosting service! Unfortunately, I don’t have my PSP anymore nor do I have a backup of the image.

        I suggest you ask fellow PSP users in any popular forum if they have that modified image [01-12.bmp]. I’m sure they do. You can refer them to this post to know what you’re talking about.

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