How to play Quicktime (.mov) videos in Windows Media Player in Windows 7   6 comments

This is a very easy and straight-forward 2-step process to get quicktime (.mov) videos to play in Windows Media Player in Windows 7 (tested in WMP 12, Win 7 x64 — may also work for other WMP/Windows versions). You need to do both steps, and in this order.

Step 1

Download and install QT Lite (it installs only the needed quicktime filters).

Step 2

Download and install QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter (it installs the filters needed for WMP to play such videos). P.S. The website providing this file requires you to sign up before you download. It just takes a couple of seconds.

That’s it. Any .mov file should play in WMP now (note that .mov thumbnails in windows explorer may not show up, though).


Posted July 4, 2010 by H. H. in Guide, Technology

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6 responses to “How to play Quicktime (.mov) videos in Windows Media Player in Windows 7

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  1. Very helpful. Awesome changes to the site =]

  2. Yea, I haven’t visited the site in a while, but I really like the aesthetic changes. Very cool. I’m actually not in med school yet, I’m starting this fall isa. Gonna be a first year. I plan to start a wordpress of my own to document these next few years in Egypt and med school, except I suck at CSS so it won’t compare to yours, lol. And everything’s fine, thanks. How’s your usmle studying going? Hope you’re doing well.

    • Oh, I thought you were already in med school. By the way, you don’t need any CSS knowledge in WP. There’s a lot of preset themes that you choose from. For instance, this current theme you see is already found as-is. I only designed the header image and made it match the colors of the theme (using the Windows Paint program).

      I plan on taking Step 1 in 3 months. Hope it goes smoothly till then. Anyway, when you have your blog up and running, don’t forget to give me a nudge. And good luck next fall with your med school.

  3. Yea, when I start blogging I’ll come to say hello. Your blog inspires me because your an Egyptian doctor who’s reaching for something better, and I hope you make it. By the way, you can take a practice Step 1 exam at a Kaplan center in Madinat Nasr or Dokki, to see if you’re in your goal score range, because as you probably know you can’t retake steps if you pass, and acceptance into US residency programs gets tougher every year for IMGs. Well anyway, good luck on all the steps and your future endeavors.

    • Thanks a lot for your compliment and advice.

      Btw, NBME also offers self-assessment tests for the same reasons. It’s taken on the computer, so you don’t need to go to a testing center. They’re quite popular with people preparing for the boards (esp. IMGs of course).

      Undoubtedly, taking one at a testing center is more like the real thing.

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