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I’ve just come across news about the new Batman comic series, Batman Incorporated. The plot is simple: Bruce Wayne has returned as the original Batman and will be stepping out of Gotham to visit different countries around the world to fight crime there and employ new local Batmen. I was really surprised to not see the flag of Egypt on the comic cover. It should be there! Why is Batman visiting Japan in the first place? I think he should take a look at this…

…and may be he’ll change his mind. We actually need a batch of Batmen here!


Posted December 17, 2010 by H. H. in Articles, Corruption, Egypt

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2 responses to “We Need Batman Here

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  1. This post is pretty revelant to what’s happening now in Egypt. I’m glad you’re alright and I hope your family is safe. I’m fine, I updated my tumblr so that people know I’m alright but I decided against posting any personal accounts of the protests because a lot of people say the internet is tapped or whatever. I hope that’s not true and it’s just paranoia but it’s better to take precautions, even if unnecessary. I was pretty upset in my last posts as well because my uncle who’s a doctor in Kasr el Ainy hospital (Cairo University) was beat up pretty bad and he lost sight in one eye. He hasn’t gotten home to his family yet and his kids are young, etc,.. so I was pretty shaken up over that.

    And yeah, I guess New Yorkers might be a little tough haha but right now I really hope the uprising results in change. Egypt used to be a place of such wealth and knowledge back in the “classic era” and I hope we can get back to that… reforms in everything from wages to public schools to public hospitals to preventing monopolies in the economy. I don’t agree with stopping protests and sacrificing freedom for security, because the only way to ensure true security and stability is through freedom and justice. Anyway, stay safe!

    • Sorry it looks like I missed your post here, don’t know how.

      I’m very sorry to hear about your uncle. 😦 This is such a terrible injury, but his vision is partially spared at least. I hope he has returned safely to his family.

      I agree about everything you said, and ironically writing this post at this particular time was more or less a coincidence; may be something inside me felt those”batmen” would arrive soon.

      My condolences again and God bless.

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