99, again!   4 comments

After a painful wait, I’ve just received my score report, saying that I passed the USMLE Step 2 CK exam with a score of:


I’m thrilled!

You can read about this in detail here.


4 responses to “99, again!

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  1. I thought to check your blog and I’m glad I did 😀 Wow, congrats. Are you going to be travelling for your cs exam soon? Hope you do just as well on that one and get the residency of your choice 🙂

    I’m going to be taking the first of my final written exams soon. We finished with the practicals, they went well but I’m nervous about the written exams because I hadn’t been studying all year. I have to say, I underestimated medicine and then I found out that there’s a lot more memorization needed than I thought. Our faculty’s exams are also very wierd… they come straight out of “self assessment” mcq books and “expected” essay topics. It’s memorization of tons of questions and answers more than it is learning, but I guess next year I can improve that and try to learn the material as we take it. Anyway congrats again, you give me lots of hope lol, good luck on your future endeavors.

    • Hi there! Thanks!
      Well, yes, I’m traveling soon, probably in June or July. I applied for a visitor visa in the US embassy and I’m waiting for my passport (with the visa) to arrive. My CS is scheduled in August, but I’m looking for an earlier date.

      I think you’re doing much better than me when I was in med school. I did not get any As (emteyaz) and I even failed pharmacology in 3rd year (but I was quite depressed. I was a top grader in all my pre-med school years, though).

      So don’t worry about all the memorization; you’ll get used to it and can even master it! And by the way, there’s not much correlation between one’s scores in non-US med schools and how well they do on the USMLEs.

      Best of luck.

  2. Your USMLE scores definitely proved that you’re a top grader 😀 I was beginning to fear that my med school grades are indicative of my future USMLE score… I’m doing okay but it’s still a bit depressing because almost everyone is doing better. Students here aim for the “full mark” and a few missed points are such a big deal to them, there’s also this competition for ta3yeen fel colleya which is called “neyaba” so everyone acts like 2 points lost has doomed you forever. I was more used to studying to get the big picture of things and to just understand, and I did well in high school and my SATs because of that, but I’m adjusting to memorize essays and detailed questions.

    Thanks, best of luck to you too, if you’re ever in NY for an interview and need anything at all, be sure to let me know.

    • I’ve been in this very environment for a couple of years, but then it all felt meaningless to me. I didn’t want to be university staff. I just wanted to be a doctor. I guess it should be meaningless to you as well, as you’ll be heading back to the US.

      So yeah, try to understand things. USMLEs, unlike the exams you take here, tests your understanding more than anything else. I think you’re used to such standardized exams by now, so I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about.

      I’ll be based in Chicago, IL, mostly, but of course I don’t know where my interviews are going to be. Thanks a lot for your offer.

      Don’t hesitate to contact me about anything USMLE-related if you wish.

      Good luck in your journey!

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