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DigiPet — Virtual Pet for your Palm Electronic Device   2 comments

A Tamagotchi Connexion V1

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Do you remember Tamagotchi? That little electronic toy we used to play with all the time when we were kids. An egg or whatever hatches, and a newborn comes to life. You then have to take care of the poor little creature, feed it, and play with it, or else it will die. Tamagotchi was very popular with school kids that some schools banned having them in class. I also was fascinated with that artificially intelligent toy. It was very exciting to take care of a creature which could react to your actions and see it grow in the palm of your hand.

Ironically, my fascination with that toy as a kid did not fade away as an adult. I still find the idea very creative. So, not owning a Tamagotchi, I thought I’d make one myself. And that’s how DigiPet came to life; a PalmOS application that is inspired by Tamagotchi.

After the break, I’ll talk about this application in detail. So please keep reading.

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Walking In The Middle Of The Street   1 comment


A couple of days back I was on the way to the university hospital in the morning. It had been raining for a couple of days in upper Egypt, and so the streets were pretty wet, and mud was everywhere. The hospital is thankfully around 10 minutes walk from my home, and so I go walking everyday.

That day I had to find a clean path to walk on. The shopkeepers usually use the pavement as a lawful public exhibition for their goods, and so I had to walk by the side of the street. I walked for a few minutes but mud started to become deeper, and so I shifted myself even more outwards. Mud ponds started to become wider as well, so I kept going outwards and outwards and…

And then I realized that I had been walking in the middle of the street!

Cars were moving everywhere around me. I had to cross the street quickly to avoid ending my life. Well, we know there’s no decent sewage systems in Egypt, but at least give us a pavement to walk on, please!

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Alternative Knee Jerk   2 comments


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Killer Ballerina   Leave a comment


Ballerinas do commit murder, too.

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Book Syndrome: Medical Students Suffer   2 comments


As the final exams come closer, many medical students get a fairly common syndrome, known as “Book Syndrome” (not to be mistaken for the other ‘Book syndrome’ [dentistry]: premolar aplasia, hyperhidrosis, and premature canities) .

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Pink VS Blue   Leave a comment

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Genius Quote   1 comment

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