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Wikipedia in Masri? No, Thanks!   14 comments

Well, just by chance today I came across the Egyptian version of Wikipedia. I was surprised. All the articles are in common modern Egyptian dialect of Arabic, known as Masri. I’m not against the idea, but I’m still not supporting it.

Firstly, the current language spoken in Egypt (Masri) is not a standalone language. It’s just a dialect of Arabic. In Wikipedia it’s called Egyptian Arabic. So, it’s as humorous as creating a Wikipedia written in the southern dialect of American English. P.S. Egypt had a different language long ago called Egyptian, that evoluted into Coptic; it is not related to Arabic or to Masri. It was being spoken in Egypt until the 17th century. It’s not spoken at present. Just so that it’s not to be confused with Masri.

Secondly, in Egypt, the official language by which all formal, scientific, and educational affairs are managed is Arabic. Masri is not recognized by the government, and thus does not have any role in education or scientific research, or in applying knowledge for the benefit of people. You can’t write a scientific paper in Masri, for instance, but you can write it in Arabic. So, how can this Masri wikipedia be useful?

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Psychic/Energy Vampirism   2 comments


An energy vampire or psychic vampire is, by definition, a mythical being said to have the ability to feed off the “life force” of other living creatures.

The legends and spiritual teachings of some cultures refer to people, often given priestly attributes, who manipulate or remove (feed from) the energy of others.

Modern interpretations concluded that such energy vampires may look like normal humans. Anton LaVey, who claimed to have coined the term, used it to mean a spiritually or emotionally weak person who drains vital energy from other people.

It has also been noticed that such definition stemmed from actual vampires, the blood-suckers, and the modern vampire lifestyle. A typical vampire consumes blood not for nutritional needs, but for psychic energy.

After the break, we will know more about how a psychic vampire looks like, how they act, and how the victim is affected.

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Do Muslim women in America need to wear Hijab?   2 comments

That is an interesting discussion about that in the Muslim Apple blog. I’ve been talking with her, the owner of the blog, and so far, we have different opinions.

Caryle Murphy, Yasir Qadhi, and the Headscarf « Muslim Apple

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Interesting Slangs..!   7 comments

Thanks to Wikipedia Slang category!

a pejorative slang term for someone of Caucasian extraction who shows more interest in East Asian culture than Western culture. This may include interest in Asian languages, dress, history, customs, and so on. See Banana, below.

a pejorative term used to describe people who are of East Asian descent, thus considered “Yellow Skinned,” but think, act, and react as a stereotypical Caucasian or non-Asian would. It is particularly used to describe women who have become highly assimilated into Western culture and/or married Caucasians.

today’s American children’s slang for “germs”, lice or a vague notion of contagious personal contamination.

a middle aged person who enjoys being a part of youth culture, doing or buying things that are usually thought more suitable for children. The word is a portmanteau of kid and adult.

is slang for a very busy person with a highly elevated sense of self-importance, particularly within the realms of business.

Grease Monkey
used to describe a mechanic, generally an automobile mechanic, and dates back to at least 1928. The term may be considered insulting.

is a slang term for being fired from an occupation. It is also North American slang for being kicked in the genitalia.

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The Chinese Three-Armed Baby   5 comments

China Baby
The 2-month-old, three-armed chinese baby, Jie-jie.

No, this is not science fiction or CGI. This is for real.

Although rare, doctors have reported children born with extra extremities, such as arms, legs, fingers, toes. They usually determine which to remove depending on how well it works.

Dr. Ann Van Heest, an upper extremity surgeon at Gillete Childrens Speciality Healthcare in Minnessota, estimated that one out of 200,000 babies are born with two thumbs on one hand and one out of 2 million have doubling at the wrist, resulting in two hands.

To decide which extremity to remove, doctors usually wait until the child is six to 12 months old to perform any surgery, as they want to observe which extremity the child favors and uses more, Van Heest said.

ABC News: Three-Armed Baby: How Does It Happen?

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Urban Murdering Madmen Legends   2 comments

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