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Palm Applications

I’ve had an interest in Palm OS, so I ended up writing a few applications for it. They are free of charge, and you are free to use and distribute them for non-commercial purposes.


CheckEmAll! is an application to help you manage numbered checklists, up to 200 items. It’s a very simple and no-nonsense application that is definitely going to be useful if you happen to have many numbered checklists to manage. [Download]


T-Notes lets you enter multiple pieces of text in each record via multiple tabs and subtabs. [Download]


Q-Diary is a simple diary/journal app with date & time. It stands for “Quick Diary”. New thing here is that 2 icons can be assigned to each entry. One for the Category of the entry, while the other is for its Mood (happy, sad, excited,…etc). [Download]


An attempt to create a tamagotchi (virtual pet) clone where infinite number of customized scenarios can be added by the user. [In-depth review] [Download]


Posted January 8, 2006 by H. H.

2 responses to “Palm OS

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  1. Good morning,

    *Do you know where I can download Stedman to use on my computer?
    *I do not have any experience with PDAs I-MATEs Pocket PCs … which is the one that they recommend to use during rotations? The one you can put all the medical programs on? Can an iPhone be used for this cause? Do all of them have WiFi?

    I’m sorry if I sound a bit illiterate but I had to learn eventually :S

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi Y.S.,

    I’ve yet to find a version that works on PC. All the versions of Stedman’s were made for portable devices. A quick google search yielded no results for ‘stedman medical dictionary on PC’. There are other medical dictionaries available on PC but the complete versions usually cost money. I don’t use any though.

    I’ve been using the Palm OS version. I only have experience with Palm devices. They’re getting outdated now, so I’d rather get a Pocket PC (which means a PDA running Windows). They are most up-to-date and most of them have WiFi. I-mate is a brand of Pocket PCs. Other brands include HTC, HP, Acer,…etc. Of course there’s many models with different specifications, so choosing a model depends on what you need. I’d go to Brighthand forums, make a new topic, and ask about the most suitable Pocket PC to get. The guys over there are very friendly and you will get quick responses. But you need to sign up first.

    Skyscape, the publisher of the electronic Stedman’s medical dictionary and other medical resources, has also been releasing versions for the iPhone. However, the iPhone is a new platform and so don’t expect compatibility for many titles (especially older ones). There’s even versions for Symbian S60, 3rd gen. (Nokia).

    You will find those versions in the droplist here:

    Hope this helps.
    Please don’t hesitate to ask again.

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