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About Me

I was born in Egypt, but lived most of my pre-med school life in the United Arab Emirates. I currently live in Egypt. I’ve graduated from medical school in February 2011. I hold a MB BCh. I’m also ECFMG-certified. I’m in the process of applying for a residency in the US.

I’m a technology geek; I like anything technology-related especially mobile gadgets and robotics. I consider myself an amateur artist since I draw every so often and used to create music a few years ago. I have a lot of other hobbies, including programming, designing, video gaming, and reading, but I’ve been enjoying them less and less as time goes by. Blame Medicine.

About Blog

This blog specializes in nothing in particular. You’ll find an eccentric mix of technology, science, art, religion, and philosophy topics inside. A few posts here and there about my life. The typical stuff, you know.

About You

If you want to know more about myself, have an off-topic question on your mind, or if you just want to rant, you can always reach me via the contact form in that page.

Thanks for visiting!

Posted January 5, 2006 by H. H.

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  1. Doc H!

    I noticed that you have a couple of comments “awaiting moderation”– I think one of them is a comment I made to “Taya” the girl with the skin problem.

    Dr. W.

  2. Hi Dr W,

    Those 2 comments are spam. That’s why they were automatically put under moderation. I’ve set comment moderation to off, actually. I haven’t found any comments from you. *weird*

    At what date did you post that comment?

  3. Hello.. ok I was lookin for USMLE stuff on the web and I got ur page.. very impressive and totally true (universities in Egypt are very corrupted). I too have hopes of someday being a successful doctor in the States thats why I’m fightin to take the USMLE Step 1 while I’m in my third year here in Egypt.
    I just wanted to ask.. which university are you currently enrolled in?!

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  5. hello there, nice net name by the way, you have a very intresting blog site here.


  6. Thank you, Niana.

  7. Hi,

    I recently went on holiday to Egypt, beautifel country. Stayed in Sharm.

    I wanted to contact you to see if you could help me. I am trying to get to the number one spot on google for the term “PSP Wallpapers” and wondered if you could give me a text link on your site.

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    I hope you can help.


  8. You did not mention how you developed this mentality and way of thinking contrary to what is common in your country.

    I like your blog’s design. It looks nice and modern.

    I noticed that your English is excellent, you want to practice medicine in the US, but still your knowledge about the whole process is not that strong. Why is that?

    Anyway, good luck at school and at blogging.


  9. Hi Y.S., and welcome to my blog!

    I certainly developed this mentality because of 2 things; being brought up in a clean country and being a son to parents with a similar mentality!

    I’m glad you liked my blog’s design.

    I know a lot about the USMLE, actually. I knew there are items other than the score that are important, but not as vital. The thing that shocked me and made me post on prep4usmle asking about it is the “90+ score” thing. I’ve read that numerous times on international forums, so I was afraid 90+ could be difficult to achieve. But then I heard again that it’s not that difficult. As to the books, I got most of them, and have read through Step2CK content.

    I’m in the 5th year of med school now, and it’s pretty tough, so I’m not preparing for the USMLE full-time at present and haven’t indulged myself into it. That’s why I might seem a bit unacknowledged.

    Thanks for visiting, and please let me hear from you again!

  10. Thanks for the prompt response.

    I see. Thanks for the clarification. Check your Email In box.


  11. Hi Dr. Haitham,

    Came across your Medicophobia site as I was searching for info about residency programs, was searching for “actual” chances for IMGs to get into a residency programs.

    I’m a student in faculty of medicine, Cairo university.. “trying” to study for USMLE step 1 along with my 6th year curriculum but.. *sighs* seems quite impossible, huh?

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful site, lol I just checked your profile when I read some comment with you mentioning you’re an Egyptian, curiosity..!

    Thanks again, and wish you the best of luck.

  12. Hi Noha,

    *Aren’t you the one who used to own a website with the name unbreakable.com or something like that? I used to read that blog like 3 years ago! It was a nice blog.*

    You mean ‘Medicopedia’, don’t you? 🙂 — Well, from what I hear, IMGs do succeed in getting residencies in the US. Just a couple of months ago, a son of my dad’s friend began his residency. It just needs hard work. I’ve tried so hard in my faculty, but got nothing. In preparing for the USMLE, if you worked hard, you get something. Just imagine it’s a totally different medical school where you have to prepare for. Don’t take it as an ‘accessory’ exam. Imagine it’s the MAIN exam; the most important exam in your life. This attitude in itself will get you going and will guarantee good scores.

    The journey is long, needs patience, money, and above all, deep motivation. It might sound hard and tiring, but imagine all of those years you spent in your medical faculty for NOTHING. You will spend fewer years preparing for the USMLE, but it could change your life a whole lot better. It depends on you; do you really want to practise in the US or not?

    I know speaking is easy, but I’m trying to stick to this attitude. I’m in 5th year, and I’ve read (detailed reading) Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry from Kaplan (I’ve also read Int Med from First Aid, will do the rest during my pediatrics round). I plan on doing the same for Surgery and Ob/Gyn next year. I think next year will be even less congested than this year, so I’ll read Step 1 as well (I hope). In internship, I’ll begin serious study, beginning with Step 1, and then Step 2.

    I guess there’s no time now for you to read Surgery and Ob/Gyn. If you feel congested now, being in the end of the year, you should postpone Step 1 for now and begin in your Internship.

    By the way, have you checked prep4usmle forums. A lot of enthusiastic guys are over there. Check it out.

    Hope this helps and thanks for your kind words about my website.
    Don’t hesitate to ask again if you need any help.

  13. OMG yes! That was me! lol… where did you know about my site from? lol that’s a nice surprise!

    Believe me, it’s NOT my “accessory” exam lol, it’s a matter of life and death to me.. even far beyond “main” too..

    Psychiatry? That’s my no.1 specialty.. my top 1 =)

    Yea, I think I have no time for serious studying here, well, I DO have time, but my parents might kill me, they’re doctors too, I guess you can picture the whole situation lol

    I actually came across one of your posts just now before searching your blog again, one of your posts at prep4usmle.. the externships topic, thought this site might help you:


  14. I actually don’t remember the details, but I recalled the website when you mentioned your faculty and I read your name. You were in the 3rd yr at the time, talking about Microbiology and such. How are your grades in your faculty, btw?

    I’d like to know why you regard the USMLE as a very important step in your life. I mean, why have you discarded all other choices? I’d just like to get insight about this to share thoughts. It’s also a matter of life or death to me because all other choices are worse or inexistent. And btw, do you own an American Greencard or a similar visa?

    It’s very easy to get into Psychiatry, so you just need to pass with any scores and you’re in, mostly.

    I didn’t understand the part about you having time to study and the role of your parents. Do they not want you to take the USMLE? I’m a bit confused here.

    My dad is a consultant physician, MRCP-UK. I think being a son/daughter to a doctor adds to the challenge because there’s always a high standard you look up to.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll check that out.

  15. My grades are fine.. so far.

    I regard it as my first choice both professionally and personally indeed.
    I have a very strong personal reason, plus, professionally speaking, so far it’s the best choice. Let me analyze the other choices the way I see them from my experience as a daughter to two Egyptian doctors:

    1) MRCP : UK don’t take foreign doctors almost anymore, heard about the rule of work that entitles jobs to be given in the following order: English citizens, then EU citizens, then English nationality persons from other countries, THEN foreigners? That’s like a sub-zero chance for me.

    2) Other EU certificates: I don’t know much details about them, I know about the French one, they say it’s quite easy, two parts, after passing the first, you’re given a list of available jobs by specialty, you pick, and accordingly you go through the second exam part, all in French of course, so if your French is good it’s strongly recommended.

    3) Egypt: Home Sweet Home! Work with the government, your salary is around 150LE, 500LE the most? The Egyptian fellowship: a very nice option indeed (Elzamala Elmasreya), good training, good salaries (in comparison to the other options). And I heard some got scholarships in KSA and so through it. And you get to be a consultant in a shorter time too.

    4) I recently heard of the Arabic countries fellowship, or something like that.. (zamala lel 3amal fel dowal el 3arabeya).. I’m not sure about it. But, for me, not my primary target either, I was born and lived in KSA for the first 7 years in my life, good hospitals, nice people, nice salaries.. but not my primary choice either if I get to choose.

    After all, I believe it’s all fate.. some work in poor countries and get really good salaries and fame and perfect lives, some don’t, so there’s not a general rule I believe. And you can always dream about something, then find all paths leading you towards a totally different target. You can never really know. All you cn do is wish for something and do your best I believe.

    About me having the time to study but I don’t thing, well, my parents aren’t really recommending the USMLE, they want me to travel and all, but I guess the USA idea, and I’m so far a single female is freaking them out. Along with other different personal issues, they’d kill me if I told them I’ll study for it now and postpone my “bachelerios”.

    Yea, I know what you mean, my mother is a consultant internist, my dad was an internest, now he’s working in the ministry of health (not clinical anymore edary, had first part of MRCP-UK though). High standards and everything.. they sometimes make me go nuts.

    Hope you like the link, correct me if I’m wrong at anything I mentioned in this reply, add to what I said if you have more info. please, thank you.

  16. I agree with and know about most of what you said. Considering UK is a no-brainer now. France; out of question for me. Never heard about the Egyptian fellowship. I’m not sure why but I feel totally uninterested about it! Gulf countries are like hotels that you will have to leave one day, and living in them is not luxurious anymore. My dad works in the UAE.

    The important point here is your parents. If they don’t want to you to go for the US, what do they expect from you? And it’s clear all other options are obsolete to you (except probably the Egyptian fellowship?). Unless they have a clear plan for your career, it’s illogical they have you not prepare for the USMLE. I understand, however, that being a female could be worrisome, but if it’s really a deal-breaker, an achievable alternative plan must be available, or otherwise, I say take the risk.

    The USMLE is apparently no picnic. Every now and then I get really frustrated when I think about how many exams, travels, and interviews I’ll need to go through. It’s not about money, but about how long and stressful it seems to be. And as I said residency is getting harder, and expectations on me are getting higher. *sigh* Well, hope it goes well for all.

  17. I think one gotta do what they really “feel” strongly about, if you believe that USMLE is what you really want, you shall understand and go through all its troubles.

    After I went through my 6th year’s exams, I totally understand the word “suffering” lol But, I understand as well how far one can push him/herself if he/she something that is worth it in the end…

    Don’t think of all the steps & troubles at once, just focus on the one ahead, that’s my advice to you.. you’ll do fine =)

  18. “Don’t think of all the steps & troubles at once, just focus on the one ahead, that’s my advice to you.. you’ll do fine”.

    I agree. The farther the goal is, the harder it seems to be achievable.

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