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How to play Quicktime (.mov) videos in Windows Media Player in Windows 7   6 comments

This is a very easy and straight-forward 2-step process to get quicktime (.mov) videos to play in Windows Media Player in Windows 7 (tested in WMP 12, Win 7 x64 — may also work for other WMP/Windows versions). You need to do both steps, and in this order.

Step 1

Download and install QT Lite (it installs only the needed quicktime filters).

Step 2

Download and install QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter (it installs the filters needed for WMP to play such videos). P.S. The website providing this file requires you to sign up before you download. It just takes a couple of seconds.

That’s it. Any .mov file should play in WMP now (note that .mov thumbnails in windows explorer may not show up, though).

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BORGChat – LAN Instant Messenger   Leave a comment


If you’re sharing internet connection with other members of your family at home through LAN or WLAN, and would like to be able to send instant messages to them without signing into any mainstream IM service (like Yahoo! and MSN), then this free program is yours.

It’s very easy to get into and doesn’t require any setup at all. All you need to do is install it on the computers you want connected, and you’re done. Messages and files are sent over the LAN, not the internet, and so they reach other computers in no time, and does not require any internet bandwidth. The program is packed with features like customized fonts, status, and notification options.

I installed it on my computer and on my sister’s laptop. This way we can notify each other when we’ll be consuming more bandwidth (like when downloading something), and so avoid extra consumption on the other side, and best of all prevent frustration over why the speed has become so low. We can also manage when each one will be downloading or playing online, for instance. Yes, unfortunately I’m using only a 512/128 connection shared over 2 computers.

In addition to home networks, the program can also prove very useful to professional people working together in a LAN.

Download BORGChat

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Black XMB Background for Sony PSP   13 comments


The PSP has a variety of colors as backgrounds including white, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a real black one. For black color enthusiasts, I present here a small image which can do the trick, and turn the white background into black (like the one shown above). It modifies the other colors as well.

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Robolert v1.0   2 comments

DigiPet — Virtual Pet for your Palm Electronic Device   2 comments

A Tamagotchi Connexion V1

Image via Wikipedia

Do you remember Tamagotchi? That little electronic toy we used to play with all the time when we were kids. An egg or whatever hatches, and a newborn comes to life. You then have to take care of the poor little creature, feed it, and play with it, or else it will die. Tamagotchi was very popular with school kids that some schools banned having them in class. I also was fascinated with that artificially intelligent toy. It was very exciting to take care of a creature which could react to your actions and see it grow in the palm of your hand.

Ironically, my fascination with that toy as a kid did not fade away as an adult. I still find the idea very creative. So, not owning a Tamagotchi, I thought I’d make one myself. And that’s how DigiPet came to life; a PalmOS application that is inspired by Tamagotchi.

After the break, I’ll talk about this application in detail. So please keep reading.

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PSPStates — Save Anytime In PSP Games   Leave a comment

Some PSP games were not designed with portability in mind. They don’t let you save your game progress within lengthy quests or battles.

For this reason, PSPStates was developed. It’s a plugin created by Dark_Alex, the legendary PSP developer, to be used for the PSP. It lets you save anywhere within a game, where you can resume it later.

However, there are some limitations to this plugin:

  1. PSP Slim & Lite only is supported (PSP-200x), running 4.01 or 5.00 M33 custom firmware. Other M33 versions are not supported. Official firmware are not supported.
  2. It doesn’t work in POPS (PSX games) or vhs.
  3. In order to make it work for UMDs or ISOs in normal mode, you need to flash a certain file.
  4. There could be other limitations.

That said, the plugin works perfectly in ISOs running in M33 mode.

More information is here:

Download from here:

Detailed instructions are found in the readme.txt inside the download file. The plugin is experimental in nature, so it’s not guaranteed that it would work in all cases. I hold no responsibility for any harm that might be caused by using this plugin.

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PSP Slim & Lite Poor Manufacturing   3 comments

Sony’s New Slogan:
Cheap Manufacturing Like.No.Other


I upgraded from my Sony PSP-1004 (phat) to a PSP-2004 (known as PSP Slim & Lite) a month ago. From day one I noticed that the screen was misaligned, in that the left edge of the screen was almost covered by the covering faceplate, as if a vertical line of one-pixel in width at the most left was distorted or warped, while on the right edge there was plenty of space between the screen edge and the faceplate edge. Moreover, the left edge had a gap due to a mis-attached faceplate. From the random pictures I’ve seen on the web, this problem is quite common, but most people do not notice it, or pretend it’s normal or acceptable. My place has no official technical service offices, so I opened the device up, voiding the warranty, and as you see in the attached picture, I placed pieces of hard paper to force the screen to be moved a bit to the right, aligning the whole thing.

Please keep reading for more details and polls.

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